Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom 6

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Keeping your digital photos organized is difficult, especially if your cataloging system changes as you grow as a photographer. Lightroom helps simplify things, but there are tricks to the trade that you should know in order to maximize your organization. In this video, Tim Grey helps you streamline your workflow and organizational system to help prevent frustration in the future, and allow you to find photos quickly and easily. Grey shows us these methods in Lightroom 6, but they can certainly apply to older versions of Lightroom, too.

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Very good up to the point explanation . Easy to understand if somebody has used LR  & wondering how to improve. I don't think he has wasted time for jokes. Thanks . Well done.

This guy, Tim Grey wastes our time with a lot of stupid asides and dumb jokes.  Just give us the meat and save the amateur comic routine for his family.   I don't have the patience to sit through all this.  

I can't play this video!  Is it on YouTube or anywhere else??

Try to update your browser, Use firefox or Chrome. Most of the time, these wont play on Internet Exploder for me, EVER, which is why I deleted Internet Exploder from my computer last year.

Sometimes its best to uninstall your browser all together, but make sure you have another one installed first.

Id recommend Chrome and Firefox ( Mozilla Firefox first)

Try to update which ever browser you are using - if that doesn't work. THEN uninstall and reinstall it. - You can try updating your browser first if that doesnt work, then Install a 2nd browser (again, I'd do Firefox before Internet Explorer).  

Yes, B & H does have a youtube channel. It probably is there. But hes so annoying I can't even get thru the first 12 minutes. It's embarassing and uncomfortable to watch. Loses all credibility and that is unfortunate because he's so knowledgeable.      heres the YOUTUBE LINK

The video for Lightroom is completely out of focus. Any demonstration on the screen is unavailable to the viewer.

Is there another video available?

Probably becasue they want us to buy it!