5 Tips for Black-and-White Photography


Street photographer Hugh Brownstone shares his tips for shooting black-and-white photos with your digital camera. Whether you're making portraits, cityscapes, or architectural photos, these techniques will help you get started!

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:18 - Use Technology
  • 0:44 - How to Expose
  • 1:28 - Capture in Color
  • 1:48 - Think of the Edit
  • 2:14 - Where to Be

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If shooting digital, what effect does using the B&W contrast filters have on the image? Will it have the same effect as with film?

Hi Ralph,

Good question and the answer is, more or less, "Yes."

You can use B&W contrast filters on digital images to affect color in digital color images as well as tonality in digital B&W images.

Interestingly, some digital cameras allow you to simulate B&W contrast filters in their B&W digital shooting modes so that you don't need to carry filters with you—you can get the filter effects magically!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your question! Standing by for follow-ups!