B&H Prospectives: Photography is Magic | Art Wolfe


In this B&H Prospectives video, we sit down with world renowned artist and photographer Art Wolfe, who discusses his influences, outlines his creative process, and shares how he has sustained his career over the past four decades. The early advice of his college painting professor to constantly push himself in different directions has allowed Wolfe to remain inspired throughout 40 years of world travel and countless creative projects. With an underlying mission to inspire, educate and inform his audiences, and to surprise people by showing common subjects in a slightly different way, Wolfe has drawn upon his knowledge of the art world to find a visual voice. In this episode, watch him describe how he predetermines what he wants from a scene by anticipating and executing at the same time, and how his refusal to be confined to a specific subject matter has allowed him to take his work in any direction he chooses.




Terrific!  It's always an inspiration to hear Art, at a book signing, a video here (thanks B&H) and his amazing Travels to the Edge program.  He does a great job of conveying his process, which helps my own photography.  Sometimes just getting the idea that I can find something interesting to shoot just about anywhere is what I need to understand to grab my camera and head out.

Ben, If you like to watch Art Wolf's presentaions, you should check out www.creativelive.com (the presentations go on sale fairly often, and are Free around the clock, while live), and watch for the Public Broadcasting Channels on TV. He had a (Cover Feature) story in (the now defunct) Popular Photography Magazine, in the October 2014 Edition, that is easy to find on ebay. His Shoots seem to be from just about everywhere, and he loves talking (and teaching) about them. His 400 page book, "Earth is My Witness" also has more than 400 Photographs, is one of his best, and it is easily found both new and used. He had quite an imagination, and lucky for us, he loves to share! Good Luck to you, I hope this helps to inspire you!    ... Joe Prete