B&H Prospectives: Dance Photography with Lois Greenfield


In this B&H Prospectives video, legendary dance photographer Lois Greenfield talks about her approach to photographing some of the world’s premier dancers. Topics discussed include tools, techniques, and the creative collaboration process between photographer and models—or in this case, dancers. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at BandH.com.




Wow, Great work! I love this lady. She is truely a Photographer!! She takes her Images right. Like she said anyone can take photos now. but to do it right is what is going away. I am so happy to see someone that want to take a Image like we did 25 years ago. I would love to meet you. The last year I went back to the old way of shooting. Doing it right. Also my images are so much better! thank you for this video. bill tranum

Beautiful pictures but I have a question about her equipment:  In the video she says she still uses her manual Hasselblad from the 80s-----and in the video she is taking pictures and instantly looking at them on a  monitor.  What is her workflow?

I think I saw an aged Hasselblad (in the video) with a digital back, and may be an old aqrl Zeiss lens. That way you can have the best of two worlds, having the lenses, shutters and even a no prism reflex camera with an up to date digital sensor to take care of the imagine. But seriously, I would exchange that back for a film one to take the real photography, after setting the lights, the stage, the background and I'd only had to re focus, just in case. If she uses it that way it's a XXIth Century polaroid back to make the test photos, and then would use a pro film for the "real" ones, but I'm only guessing, so can't answer your question. Regards. Roberto, from the past Century :-)



I just recently tried my hand at photographing dancers. What Lois Greenfield had to say really speaks to me and I thoughly enjoyed watching her work her process. Thank you!

Love this! Love Lois and her work. Very inspiring.