All the Ways to Get to Black and White from Raw | Thom Hogan


Back in 2003 Thom Hogan wrote one of the earliest tutorials on all the ways to convert raw images to black and white. It’s time to bring that up to date, and boy will you be surprised just how many ways you can get that Ansel Adams type image out of your raw captures.

Why not just teach one way? Because there isn’t just one way that solves all problems. Some images will benefit from one technique, others from a different one. This becomes especially true if you’re working over different genres, such as landscape versus portraiture. So best practice is to make sure that you have a quiver of conversion skills available, and pick the best one for the job at hand. Thom will walk you through everything from knowing what you’re doing in the field to picking the right conversion technique to fine tuning your images to get exactly the tonal values you want in your final output.