5 iPhone Photography Tips, with Kristi Hemric


Visual content creator Kristi Hemric shares her iPhone photography tips to level up your content creation game! Dig deep into Live and Pano modes, try out long exposure, and even turn your phone upside down on your next photoshoot for richer, more creative photos that fit your personal vision.

How do you get creative with your smartphone photos? Tell us how you'll incorporate Kristi's tips, and share your own in the Comments section, below!



Any particular full-height 60”+ tripod or accessories you recommend?

An excellent tripod option in the 60" maximum height range is the Oben AT-3565 Aluminum Travel Tripod and BZ-217T Triple-Action Ball Head, BH # OBAT3565BZ21 which can be paired with the Oben ASPTA-20 Smartphone Tripod Adapter, BH # OBASPTA20.



Great tips! Thanks Kristi and B&H. 

You're welcome, John, and thank you for watching and taking the time to comment.