The Sony Xperia 1 is an Android Phone with an Impressive Screen and Great Camera


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a smartphone that featured 4K HDR quality, multiple high-quality cameras, dual SIM cards, and a microSD slot, all on a 21:9 CinemaWide OLED display? Well, it’s already here—the new Sony Xperia 1, a mobile phone designed to take ultra-high-quality photos and videos, as well as accurately display that media on its crisp screen. There are lots of great features built into the Xperia 1, so check out the video for additional info and specs. If you're one of those people who still enjoys reading, click on the hyperlink for our Xperia smartphone announcement. Is the new Xperia phone for you? Let us know what you're thinking in the Comments section, below.


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As gorgeous and as tempting as it is. The question remains with any Sony purchase. How soon will they "orphan" it. How long will promised Android updates take to get through? I personally have been burned by Sony and its "throw you under a bus" as soon as they have your money to just go "Opph Shiney" Be awesomely impressed by what they have done ( and lets not fid ourselves if that phone does what it says it is impressive) and run like hell to a vendor who values you as a customer and does provide service and updates when they promise them.

B&H have always come through but Sony as a manufacture have dropped the ball way to many times