Zhiyun Announces MOLUS G60 and X100 Mini Monolights


Zhiyun just announced its MOLUS series, which joins the ranks of the brand’s robust compact lighting catalogue. These new Bi-Color Mini COB Monolights come in G60 and X100 flavors, denoting their respective 60W and 100W of power output. Available in a variety of accessory kits, both monolights promise to pack a small but mighty punch for creators on the go.


Weighing 10.6 oz, the G60 is incredibly small for a universal film light. Clad in a simple but chic white exterior, this tiny monolight boasts a wide variable color range of 2700 to 6500K to meet ambient lighting conditions on set easily. With dimmable adjustments from 0–100%, as well as high CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 and 97, the G60 is well equipped for professional and accurate color rendering.


Color temperature and brightness settings are accessed via the intuitive dials on the back panel of the fixture or via Zhiyun’s smartphone app. Completely charge this light with either the included power adapter or a USB-C charging cable for untethered wireless use. 

While the G60 comes with handy accessories like a mini reflector and dome diffuser, Zhiyun offers a Combo Kit with an array of accessories to maximize the potential of your light. In addition to the reflector and diffuser, this kit includes a mini tripod, Bowens mount adapter, and a mini softbox with a grid.

This accessory ecosystem widens the G60’s potential for use in portraiture, interviewing, streaming, or other basic shoots. The mini tripod makes stabilizing the light a breeze, while the dedicated modifiers enable you to execute your creative vision fully. With portability in mind, these accessories are compact and come with their own storage bags for those impromptu outdoor shoots. 

Zhiyun’s other new product, the X100, is a slim, pocketable lighting solution that closely resembles a vintage camera. Intended for location shooting like its sibling, this COB light shares the same color range, dimmability, and adjustability as the G60. With high CRI and TLCI ratings of 95/97, the X100 promises to deliver accurate color in a snap.


While the X100 shares many characteristics with the G60, it features a few notable differences. This light can be charged with the supplied power adapter or a USB-C like the G60, but it can also be powered with an optional battery. This flexibility makes the X100 a suitable option for extended shooting outdoors.

The X100 also has two unique modes for creative applications. The first is Live Mode, which enables the user to turn on multiple X100 lights at once for a more efficient setup while streaming solo. The second is Music Mode, wherein the X100 automatically syncs with ambient music rhythms for cinematic lighting effects. 

Like the G6, the X100 comes with its own mini reflector, although it does not include a dome diffuser. Users looking to outfit their X100 can opt for either a Combo Kit or a Pro Kit to expand this little light’s creative potential.

The Combo Kit includes a pocket light strap, grip battery, and Bowens B mount adapter. The grip battery, which functions much like the grip on a regular camera, makes the X100 even easier to hold and simultaneously direct light. Supported by the pocket light strap for extra security, this kit is worth considering if you prefer to hold your own lighting while you shoot. Meanwhile, the Bowens mount adapter increases the X100s flexibility with accessories you may already have in your setup.

Likewise, the Pro Kit provides the same grip battery and strap for the X100. This kit’s main difference is the included Bowens ZY mount adapter, as well as a compatible mini softbox and grid. As the name implies, this kit covers professional light-shaping tools to achieve more fine-tuned lighting effects during a shoot. It is worth considering if you are looking to take advantage of the X100s power output, size, and overall flexibility, but also need the additional control you might not find in the Combo Kit.

What are your thoughts on the MOLUS lineup? Do you enjoy using compact lights? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section, below.



Small and light = very portable. So given that, why... WHY... would they NOT put an integrated V-Mount plate into these? Even a dumb v-mount shoe or a couple 1/4-20 mounting points so that a plate could be added? Seems like a huge oversight of the manufacturer. There are work arounds for sure, but just makes for more rigging and a less compact setup. That minor gripe aside, I would absolutely love to give these a try.

Agree 100%. We're currently using all Aladdin lights for quick filming days where crew is in and out via airplane, but these lights caught my interest. No V-Mount = probably no sales from us. :-(

Durability will be a question and until more people begin using these lights we won't know about that...they look like they are mostly plastic. Nonetheless, I could totally see using these. For example, I had a shoot a couple of years ago where we had to travel to do just a few simple talking heads. The interviews were locations did not required a big lighting set-up. If I had a couple of the 100w and a couple of the 60's, I could have done both interviews and it all would have easily fit in my normal, checked-bag suitcase. Instead we hired a local gaffer with a truck that probably cost us more than it would have to purchase these lights!

Hi David, thanks for your comment! If you end up trying out the lights, do let us know how they worked for you.