Lowel Introduces Innovative Tota LED XL Three-Panel Floodlight


Lowel has introduced the Tota LED XL, a daylight-balanced floodlight featuring a unique, three-section form that can emit up to 11,200 lux of flicker-free continuous light.


Building upon the success of Lowel’s popular TotaLED floodlight, the Tota LED XL can output nearly three times the brightness of its predecessor. Its 252 individual LEDs allow the Tota LED XL to produce an ultra-bright 60-degree beam at 5600K, and its high TLCI rating of 98 (as well as a CRI rating of 96) means operators can expect extremely accurate color reproduction.

Of course, the Tota LED XL’s most conspicuous feature is its three-section panel, which allows users to fold the light in half for quick and easy transport. This unique design also facilitates greater beam control: Operators can fold the panel’s outer wings inward to customize the shape of the light emission.

Further beam adjustment is possible, thanks to a pair of removable barndoors included with the floodlight. Also included are three removable diffusers to soften and diffuse the light as needed.

The Tota LED XL can be operated via AC power (using the included AC cable) or with a compatible V-mount battery (sold separately). Both power options connect via the stand-mountable control box, which features a built-in battery plate. The controller also features an easy-to-read LCD window and knurled dial for fine-tune dimming from 0 to 100% at 1% increments.

The Tota LED XL comes in a soft carrying case (with shoulder strap). The case features a custom foam insert, which can accommodate the light and several accessories.

To learn more about Lowel’s latest floodlight, including detailed information on features and photometrics, be sure to visit the Tota LED XL product page.

And if you have any questions or comments about the Tota LED XL, be sure to post them in the Comments section, below.


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For years, I depended on Lowel for all of my lighting. I was hugely disappointed when they didn't invest in developing LED fixtures. Now that I'm seeing this, it looks like a solid light for a good price, but I'm disappointed that it's not bi-color. Should I be?