How to Light a Room: 5 Cinematic Lighting Techniques, with Shane Hurlbut


Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut really lights up a room, literally! In this video, he takes you step-by-step through his process, covering topics such as which types of lights to use for foreground and background, adding color, and best placement of equipment, as he shares his cinematography techniques and tips for lighting a room.

Share your takeaways from this video, along with your own tips and tricks for lighting a room, in the Comments section, below.




#1 Use a Lav Mic, bad quality audio will turn off your viewer in the first 30 seconds.

Love the short and to-the-point tips, well done Sir!

Great tips! Maybe collab with a sound recordist on the next one lol

Thank you Dean. We'll take your suggestion under advisement.

What wonderful tips, Shane. Thanks so much for sharing.