GVM Announces Pro SD Bi-Color LED Monolights


GVM has announced the Pro SD series of bi-color LEDs for photo and film productions looking to integrate compact, monolight-style continuous sources into their setups. Consisting of 200, 300, 400, 500, and 650W models, the new lights offer 2700-6800K color tuning for matching environmental light or illuminating from scratch.

GVM Pro SD200B
GVM Pro SD200B

You can set the new lights exactly using CCT mode or match up to a dozen preset sources. Rated with a CRI/TLCI of 97, color is accurate and consistent across the working spectrum of the series. Brightness can be adjusted from 0-100% in 0.1% increments using four dimming curves for precise control over output. Built-in special effects include bad bulb, fire, lightning, candle, paparazzi, welding, tv, CCT loop, pulsing, strobe, explosion, and fireworks.

Control is possible with either a straightforward interface on-unit or remotely via Bluetooth or DMX. Cooling is possible three ways: smart, high, and silent. Aviation grade aluminum alloy is used for the housing to balance weight and strength. All of the lights feature Bowens mount fronts, opening compatibility to a wide range of modifiers. A separately available battery plate allows you to go cord-free using V-mount batteries. Each light includes a protective cover and carrying case for safe storage and transport.

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