Posted 04/25/20
Do you worry that your creative business relies too heavily on one product or service? Whether you run a photography business or are a social media influencer, this talk will teach you why multiple income streams are important and how you can expand your own. Creative business owner Marie Segares goes in depth on potential income streams, such as affiliate marketing, sponsorship, subscription boxes, subscription services, and media kits, and touches on branding and marketing techniques you can apply to your own business. Share with us you own ideas for new income streams in the Comments section below.
Posted 04/30/19
Watch Rachel Silver at B&H’s Depth of Field 2019 discuss her motivation for creating Love Stories TV, a wedding video platform that aggregates footage from videographers and delivers it to a worldwide audience of millennial women and engaged couples. Silver also discusses the benefits of publishing wedding content online and other useful tips. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at
Posted 11/27/18
Find out that it doesn’t require a truck full of gear to document a wedding. Come learn the principles that help you pare down your necessities, and develop a style where less is more. Lugging around extra sandbags, stands, and cords can be cumbersome and can sometimes get in the way of you capturing the essence and emotion of the occasion. In this video, Laibel and Chana will teach you how to make every move count by understanding the principles behind creating simple and beautiful light. Laibel and Chana Schwartz
Posted 04/27/18
At B&H’s 2018 Depth of Field conference, wedding photographer Susan Stripling explains how she approaches using flash and artificial lighting to mimic the natural light of the sun. She reveals her philosophies, techniques, and setups to help us understand the importance of making specific choices as a photographer, to achieve a desired final product.
Posted 04/27/18
Photographer Sal Cincotta joins B&H at Depth of Field 2018 to share his professional insights into wedding photography—particularly regarding lighting and equipment—as well as the philosophies that have helped him succeed as a professional photographer.
Posted 04/27/18
At Depth of Field 2018, photographer Bambi Cantrell shares her insights into unique lighting and posing for wedding photography, explains how skillful adjustments can make for a great photo, and emphasizes that, as a photographer, learning as much about your subject as possible will help yield photos they will love. 
Posted 04/27/18
Husband-and-wife team Kahran and Regis Bethencourt share their techniques to help photographers create a niche for themselves in the business. They emphasize that by looking for areas in photography that are underrepresented, you can carve out new “lanes” of business that are both specialized and exciting.
Posted 04/27/18
Photographer Robert Evans talks about how the simplicity of certain images can make them really stand out. He stresses that beyond an individual photographer’s vision and personality, there are other traits that are integral to capturing great photos—being bold, taking creative risks, and shooting from the heart.
Posted 04/26/18
At the end of B&H’s Depth of Field 2018 convention, the day’s lecturers teamed up for a panel discussion on a variety of topics, from the need for videographers and photographers to form a harmonious working relationship when shooting the same event, to how to deal with deliverable files once a job is finished. If you're an aspiring photographer, there is a wealth of advice and knowledge to be gleaned from this video.
Posted 04/25/18
Wedding and portrait photographer Paul Gero shares his strategies and techniques for capturing natural, authentic photos. He talks about the need to be driven by a desire to capture great images, and he stresses the importance of keeping in mind that a photo taken today is something that will continue to have meaning far into the future.
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