Posted 04/24/21
In part 2 of this three-part series, professional photographer and Sony Artisan of Imagery Tony Gale shares his marketing strategies to get your name out there and increase your potential client base. He covers social media and email marketing, creating your website, networking, and more. Click here to watch The Business of Photography, Part 1: Getting Started. And share with us your takeaways as well as your own tips for building your business in the Comments section, below. Sponsored by Sony
Posted 04/17/21
In this three-part series, Sony Artisan of Imagery Tony Gale lays the foundation for taking your photography from a simple hobby to a serious business. In Part 1, Gale discusses when and how to start a photography business, whether or not specialization is important, what kind of photography may be right for you, and more. Please share some of your own startup stories or ask us questions in the Comments section, below. And click here for The Business of Photography, Part 2: Marketing. Sponsored by Sony
Posted 10/12/20
In this seminar, from October 2019, Bob Carey shares his passion project to make a difference in his community and raise funds for others in need. According to Carey, this project stemmed from an “organic drive to build a body that resonates with me and others,” hoping to “make a difference in the world.” Through this presentation, Carey wishes to “inspire” you in your own photographic journey.
Posted 08/15/20
Professional photographer Mélissa Baptiste gives the RAW truth (and not the JPG version) of starting a business as a woman in photography. She offers advice on balancing entrepreneurship with creativity, trying different photographic styles, networking, and her portrait-photography tips. Stop by often to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at   
Posted 06/22/20
Content marketing is a vital tool for photographers looking to bring in new clients. In this talk, Elena S. Blair and Sandra Coan share their strategies for blogging SEO, Instagram hashtags and engagement, content writing, and more to help you increase your client base. Similar photography seminars: Finding Your Photography Niche Content Marketing for Photographers (How to Promote Your Photography Business)
Posted 03/01/19
Top wedding photographer Jay Cassario shows you how to become a better storyteller with your wedding photography, beginning with your very first consultation. Cassario discusses client communication and how to properly educate them on the process of storytelling photography, how to build relationships with your clients that will help you tell their story, shooting and lighting techniques, and post-wedding presentation and sales. Learn how to build better relationships with clients, how to become a better storyteller, and how to create an experience for clients that is unique and special. For more great educational videos, click on
Posted 11/05/18
Learn how to leverage the power of Wacom tablets to improve your post processing workflow from start to finish. Wacom’s MobileStudio Pro combines all the benefits of a touch sensitive tablet with a powerful Windows 10 computer. When combined with Lightroom and Photoshop, photographers have an exciting platform for working in the field, editing on the go, and bringing it all back home. Whether shooting tethered right into Lightroom or importing via the built-in card reader, you’ll be able to leverage the efficiencies that come with customizable buttons, pressure sensitive pen input, and touch screen gestures to quickly edit a shoot, batch process the keepers, seamlessly move between Lightroom and Photoshop, and deliver the final images. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to take advantage of Wacom technologies to create, manage, and share your photography.
Posted 04/27/18
Husband-and-wife team Kahran and Regis Bethencourt share their techniques to help photographers create a niche for themselves in the business. They emphasize that by looking for areas in photography that are underrepresented, you can carve out new “lanes” of business that are both specialized and exciting.
Posted 04/25/18
Wedding and portrait photographer Paul Gero shares his strategies and techniques for capturing natural, authentic photos. He talks about the need to be driven by a desire to capture great images, and he stresses the importance of keeping in mind that a photo taken today is something that will continue to have meaning far into the future.
Posted 04/23/18
With an “exploration is a state of mind” philosophy, landscape photographer Erin Babnik shares her own stories about self-discovery—and growth as a professional—through the exploration of a variety of geographic locations. She emphasizes that although you can plan a shoot based on location and/or aesthetics, sometimes your best shots result from stumbling into the “wrong” area, which can often yield unexpectedly wonderful visual results.
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