Sony Announces the XPERIA 5 IV Phone for Compact Content Creation


With the announcement of the XPERIA 5 IV, Sony has once again proved that access to professional content creation is possible in the form of a compact smartphone. For those who loved the XPERIA 5 III but thought its screen was too dim and bemoaned its lack of convenient charging, the upgraded XPERIA 5 IV's 6.1" FHD+ 120 Hz OLED panel is now 50% brighter and supports wireless charging. Featuring plenty of other updates, including significant upgrades to the Alpha-inspired triple rear 12MP camera system, this new model is sure to deliver the expert performance content creators and mobile entertainment enthusiasts want and need. 

The Sony Xperia 5 IV Smartphone's screen is 50% brighter than its predecessor's.
The Sony Xperia 5 IV Smartphone's screen is 50% brighter than its predecessor's.

Like the previous generation, the rear camera delivers 12MP 16mm ultra-wide and 24mm wide angle lenses. However, the XPERIA 5 IV also sports a 12MP telephoto lens with a singular focal length of 60mm. This sacrifice in magnification is more than made up for with new capabilities. When you capture photos, you now get 20 fps AF/AE burst with HDR for better color and contrast. You also get real-time Eye AF and object tracking on all lenses, which now applies to video, as well. Additionally, all lenses are capable of 120 fps slow motion at up to 4K resolution. Add in a wider dynamic range and livestreaming, and you have a powerful mobile content creation tool at your disposal.

The professional features you want, in a smartphone.
The professional features you want, in a smartphone.

The XPERIA 5 IV maintains the same Hi-Res Audio and 360 Reality Audio playback, but now supports the Music Pro subscription service. This service allows you to record tracks on the phone and upload them to the cloud, where they are processed to sound as if they were recorded with a condenser mic in the studio. The first month of the subscription and up to 100MB of processing is free.

Gaming is still a main focus of the XPERIA 5 IV and the previous generation's features—such as PS Remote Play for streaming PlayStation games, 240 Hz touch scan rate for responsive controls, and voice-chat abilities—carry over to the new model. But now you can livestream your games directly from the phone and play longer, thanks to a larger 5000mAh battery.

Other important upgrades include a front selfie cam that's been upgraded to 12MP and the implementation of protective Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, as well as an entirely new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform. Streaming, sharing, and uploading to the cloud remain impressively fast with the unlocked phone's continued support for 5G mobile networks.

Sony continues to leverage its expert experience in photography, gaming, and music to pack the compact frame of the XPERIA 5 IV with professional-quality details and technology that are hard to find in many other smartphones. If you're serious about your mobile entertainment or are an influencer looking for a professional mobile solution, you owe it to yourself to check out the latest entry in Sony's XPERIA series today, at B&H.

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