Zhiyun Finds Your Perfect Balance with Two 3-Axis Gimbals and a Light


Creating smooth-motion video is no easy task for a camera operator, so Zhiyun has released three new and updated super-compact gimbal stabilizers to its formidable gimbal lineup to cover a variety of camera types and smartphones. These new releases include the WEEBILL-3, the Smooth-Q4, and the FIVERAY FR100C RGB LED tube light in black or white housings, and they each come in Combo kits.

WEEBIL-3 (Left) Smooth-Q4 (Right)
WEEBIL-3 (Left) Smooth-Q4 (Right)


First is the update to the popular WEEBILL handheld gimbal, the WEEBILL-3. Zhiyun has redesigned the lightweight gimbal with more powerful motors and to take as much load off the operator as possible, weighing only 2.5 lb, making camera motions virtually effortless and taking much of the weight off the operator’s arm. Its updated quick-release system now requires only a single “set it and forget it” balance for your camera, saving rebalancing time later. The redesigned body and L-shaped handle offer more support, making low-angle shots easier and movement a breeze. And adding the new optional wrist rest and extendable sling grip provides even more support and comfort.

Also new in the WEEBILL-3 are a built-in bicolor LED fill light and noise-canceling microphone, so you don’t have to add more bulk to your rig with external accessories. New customizable buttons are now available to create your own shortcuts for frequent use. The gimbal handle features an updated high-capacity battery that can now run the gimbal for up to 21 hours. Like its predecessors, the WEEBIL-3 is compatible with the TransMount accessory ecosystem, including support for accessories such as the wireless Image Transmitter and Visual Controller. The Standard gimbal includes a tripod, a quick-release plate, a light filter kit, a lens support, a charging cable, and camera control cables; the Combo kit adds a storage case, backpack, wrist rest, and extendable sling grip.


Updated from the sleek Smooth-Q3 folding smartphone gimbal, the Smooth-Q4 has been redesigned for an even more comfortable grip, newly lined with a soft silicone surface and a curved, ergonomic shape. It folds down into a more compact form and opens faster, and it takes advantage of the latest Zhiyun stabilization algorithm for ultra-smooth shots. The Combo pack includes a magnetic LED fill light that can be quickly adjusted on the front or rear and with multiple brightness levels, along with a wrist strap and storage bag.


Zhiyun’s new entry into the light stick category is the versatile FIVERAY FR100C RGB LED tube light, in black or white finish, designed for multiple shooting scenarios in areas like fashion, photography, and live video. It is especially useful in mobile productions with gimbals such as the WEEBILL-3 since it is easy to hold and adjust. It weighs only 2 lb and measures less than 20" in length and less than 2" in width—too short for a light saber stand-in, but the perfect size for a compact production. The light is rated at a high CRI of 96, indicating accurate color rendering and a high lux output.

The FIVERAY base handle features a control wheel and built-in display to configure 0-100% dimming, CCT mode with 2700 to 6200K color temperature, and HSI mode with a 360° RGB color range. Its built-in frosted diffuser softens the light output without the need for added diffusion. The powerful battery array keeps the light running for 40 minutes on full power, and rear-mounted fans keep the light cool. The light charges using its USB Type-C port, and it supports 28W PD fast charging with compatible adapters. Mounting is made easy with its 1/4"-20 thread, allowing it to be mounted on just about any stand or rigging. The Combo kits include the TransMount 120W power adapter to charge the light from a standard outlet quickly.

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