Announcing the Sony VENICE 4K Live Bundle

Announcing the Sony VENICE 4K Live Bundle

If you want to integrate cinema lenses, wider depth of field, and improved low-light performance into your live events, look no further than the new Sony VENICE 4K Live Bundle. The bundle allows you to take the tried-and-true digital technology of the Sony VENICE 6K cinema camera and transform it into a live-event broadcasting machine. The bundle works in combination with MultiDyne’s SilverBack systems to create a fiber optic link between your VENICE camera and your control room, in both studio and remote environments, expanding the possibilities of what live-event coverage can look like.

Sony VENICE 4K Live Bundle with MultiDyne SilverBack Fiber-Optic Adapter
Sony VENICE 4K Live Bundle with MultiDyne SilverBack Fiber-Optic Adapter

A VENICE Refresher

The VENICE boasts a full-frame CMOS sensor capable of capturing up to 4K in Super35 modes and up to 6K full-frame resolution when used with a separately available license. Other features include a high-speed readout to minimize rolling shutter, wide dynamic range with dual base ISO, and expanded color space for accurate color reproduction. All of these cinema-grade features—and more—allow for greater versatility that you might not otherwise receive with standard, live-event camcorders.

What the SilverBack Has to Offer

MultiDyne Silverback V 4K Camera Back Transceiver
MultiDyne SilverBack V 4K Camera Back Transceiver

The SilverBack V camera transceiver transports one 12G-SDI and one 3G-SDI video signal bi-directionally between your VENICE and the VB base station. By using a headset connection on the camera transceiver you can deliver secure video feeds to your control room or broadcast truck and communicate clear instructions to your camera operator. A Genlock port, a GPIO port, and a serial data connection with RCP control are also incorporated in the device.

With the SilverBack attached, you can power your camera by connecting the included JUICE-48 External Power Supply. Reduce your cable runs by connecting a single SMPTE hybrid fiber cable from your camera unit to your external power supply before connecting said power supply to the base station via single-mode fiber cable. Maintain the transmission of your camera data and send power from up to 984' away in environments where local power is not readily available, such as at outdoor sporting events.

MultiDyne Juice-48 Portable Power Supply for Silverback Camera Transceivers
MultiDyne JUICE-48 Portable Power Supply for SilverBack Camera Transceivers

Are you hoping to take your live events to newer heights? Does the VENICE 4K Live Bundle appeal to you? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section, below.