Cooke Expands the S8/i Full-Frame Lens Series with New Focal Lengths

Cooke Expands the S8/i Full Frame Lens Series with New Focal Lengths

More is more when it comes to the Cooke S8/i Full Frame T1.4 Prime cinema lens line, which has increased its total number of focal lengths from seven to eleven with the addition of 18mm, 27mm, 35mm, and 65mm lenses. These new focal lengths are designed to mirror the same standards as their predecessors for easy integration into your preëxisting lineup.

New Cooke S8/i Full Frame T1.4 Prime Lenses
New Cooke S8/i Full Frame T1.4 Prime Lenses

The new additions boast the same T1.4 maximum aperture, 0.8 MOD focus and iris gears, and M99 x 0.75 filter-thread compatibility. Cooke /i lens technology is built into each lens to provide various calibration data, such as motion, inertia, and distortion to your compatible camera and accessories via a cable connector.

Achieve smooth, circular bokeh with minimal color distortion and improved low-light performance, thanks to the 9-leaf iris with whole and third-of-a-stop markings and spherical format. Creating organic footage without sacrificing sharpness is a breeze with these prime lenses with their respective minimum object distance and wide angle of view.

The new lenses are not an exception. The 18mm features a 99° angle of view and 23.6" minimum object distance. The 27mm features a 77° angle of view and maintains a 23.6" minimum object distance. The 35mm features a narrower 63° angle of view and 27.6" minimum object distance, while the 65mm has the narrowest angle of view at 37° and farthest minimum object distance at 29.5", due to its longer focal length.

Invest in these electronic communication-enabled full-frame prime lenses to achieve greater control over your focus and iris in a single, lightweight PL-mount device. The new focal lengths in the range offer reduced minimum object distances and wider angles of view while maintaining consistent gearing across the lineup for easy switching.

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