New Atomos Connect 4K Professional HDMI to USB Conversion for Streaming


The new Atomos Connect 4K allows users to connect up to a UHD 4K30 HDMI camera, monitor, or other signal to a computer’s USB port for livestreaming.

Atomos Connect 4K

Connect 4K was designed to integrate 4K signals into streaming applications, such as with the OBS platform, Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. It outputs up to 1080p60 resolution over USB, but it allows you to connect 4K HDMI signals and, hence, use your 4K devices. The 4K signal is downscaled automatically; no software is required, nor are any new drivers required. Moreover, this solution is provided in an ultra-compact, low-profile form with a sleek design true to the Atomos name.

For owners of the Atomos Shogun 7, which is capable of recording and switching between four 1080p signals, Connect 4K allows routing the selected signal to a computer for streaming. Other devices can similarly be used in a workflow with this handy converter. A 4K camera can be connected to be used as a webcam, and 4K gaming systems can be connected for livestreaming gameplay. Connect 4K requires no external power, and it supports up to 49' HDMI AWG26 certified cables, allowing you to keep your camera/device at a distance, which is particularly useful for streaming in studio environments.

Atomos Shogun 7 HDR Pro/Cinema Monitor-Recorder-Switcher

Connect 4K automatically converts your HDMI input to the universal USB Video Class standard (UVC), allowing for compatibility with virtually all popular streaming platforms.

Check out the Connect 4K today, and please share any related experiences or comments below.