Meta Releases the Quest 3, with Mixed Reality Full-Color Passthrough

Meta Announces the Quest 3

Meta blurs the line between physical and digital with the newly announced Meta Quest 3. The leader in virtual reality now adds AR to its all-in-one headset line, letting you insert virtual games, screens, and objects into your real surroundings through full-color passthrough. Completely redesigned for a better overall experience, the Quest 3 surpasses the Quest 2 in nearly every way. It has a faster XR2 Gen 2 Snapdragon processor, pancake lenses with higher resolution per eye, ring-less haptic feedback controls, and 40% slimmer size for a more comfortable experience. The Quest 3 will come in 128GB and 512GB versions, along with an assortment of accessories.

Meta Quest 3 Advanced All-in-One VR Headset
Meta Quest 3 Advanced All-in-One VR Headset

Mixed reality is the main new addition to the Quest series. Dual RGB cameras will give users full-color passthrough to see their surroundings in high fidelity. This feature offers a wide range of entertainment and productivity options. Add virtual games to a real table or create a big screen for movies, sports, and games. Now with access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, gamers can play next-gen titles without a console―or a TV. Augments are an interesting use of mixed reality, giving users the ability to create persistent virtual objects in a real physical space. Objects stay and reappear as part of a personal mixed reality environment. Some examples include picture frames, video walls, or window-like portals to other places and experiences.

Fully immersive VR experiences and games are greatly enhanced with the technological improvements of the Quest 3. The XR2 Gen2 Snapdragon processor can produce 2064 x 2208 resolution per eye through the new pancake lenses, for sharper and realistic 4K+ visuals at a smooth 90 Hz refresh rate and images that are even more immersive with a wider horizontal and vertical field of view than the Quest 2.

In addition to the optics, other improvements include built-in speakers that deliver 3D spatial audio at a volume range 40% louder than the Quest 2. The controllers, now called Touch Plus, offer precision without rings and with TruTouch haptic feedback. Ditching the new controllers for your hands is even more precise, thanks to the headsets' use of the dual RGB cameras and four IR sensors.

Comfort is always a challenge with VR, but with the Quest 3, Meta managed to produce a headset that is 40% slimmer than the previous generation, with a weight of only 1.1 lb. The singular head strap now forks in the back to two adjustable straps that aid in supporting more diverse head shapes and hair styles. Perfect visuals for more people are now possible with the addition of a depth adjustment to the lenses and an IPD range of 58 to 71mm.

For lovers of VR, the Quest 3 is a much-improved headset with new and intriguing mixed reality capabilities, along with significant updates to graphics power, optical clarity, and overall comfort. Anyone interested in VR can now jump in with the most powerful Meta Quest headset yet.

Meta Quest 3 will come in a 128GB and larger 512GB model for holding even more applications. The headsets are joined by accessories, such as a Wireless Charging Dock, solid Elite Strap, an Elite Strap with Battery for extended battery life, Knuckle Strap, and Travel Case. For more complete information, please click through to the product pages. Additionally, leave your questions and comments below, and we will try to reply to all of them.