Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripod Kits from Manfrotto


The B&H Photo SuperStore is pleased to present the new Manfrotto line of dual-stage carbon-fiber tripods. Available with mid-level or ground spreaders, these versatile, lightweight 100mm bowl legs include a 75mm bowl adapter. The tripods' resilient carbon-fiber design includes a new leg lock for greater torsional stability, reducing any twisting produced when panning. The dual-spike legs include removable rubber feet, and the redesigned mid-level spreader features a variable arm length for increased support at multiple leg angles. The tripod's height ranges from 23 to 60" with the mid-level spreader and from 13 to 62" when using a ground spreader.

In addition to the stand-alone legs, Manfrotto has paired the carbon-fiber tripod with three tripod heads, each available in kits with your choice of spreader and including a carrying bag. The 504HD head system with mid or ground spreader fluid head supports up to 16.5 lb and features two 3/8"-16 threads for supporting accessories, four steps of counterbalance, and a 75mm half ball. Its weight-reducing bridge design accommodates a longer sliding plate for increased rig stability.

With a slightly higher payload capacity of 17.6, the Nitrotech N8 Head combo with mid or ground spreader features a nitrogen piston for precise counterbalance control, left-side controls, a 75mm flat base, and two 3/8"-16 accessory mounts.

Moving up the payload-capacity scale, the Nitrotech N12 mid and ground spreader carbon-fiber systems support camera rigs weighing up to 26.4 lb. Suitable for a variety of ENG and cine-style cameras, the N12 features continuous counterbalancing from 8.8 to 26.4 lb and continuously variable pan and tilt drag. It sports the same left-side controls, 75mm flat base, and 3/8"-16 accessory mounts as the N8 head.

Take a look at the Manfrotto carbon-fiber tripod in its various configurations on the B&H Photo Website or at the B&H SuperStore when you're in New York City.


This where B&H website fails. This page is the best I could do for "lightweight tripod" when I was thinking about hiking.

Most tripods have a weight spec, why not just allow us to search it? Landscape shooters always use tripods, and they always care about the weight. You sell carbon as a featured material, list the weight as a searchable item, please.