Insta360 Unveils the Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal and Accessories

Insta360 Unveils the Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal and Accessories

Insta360 is known for its durable action cameras that let your creative vision flourish wherever adventure takes you. Now, with the Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal, your smartphone can join in on the fun. The Flow gimbal is available in white and gray finishes and comes in a Creator Kit with additional cables and fill light to give your content creation a boost. 

Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal
Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal

Deep Track 3.0 AI Technology

The Flow comes kitted out with AI technology, with Insta360’s Deep Track 3.0 keeping subjects in frame and in focus at the same time. Easily toggle Deep Track on and off by clicking the gimbal’s trigger button or dragging a tracking box onto your phone display using the Insta360 app and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. From slow motion and zoom tracking, to zoom and movement recovery, Deep Track facilitates smooth, subject-driven movements while allowing for creative framing in angle and placement. Other shooting modes customize the amount of control you have over your gimbal’s movements, spanning from full auto to FPV.

Take It to the Streets

Fold the Flow down and slip it into your bag, thanks to its 6" folded height. A built-in 8.5" selfie stick and mini tripod allow you to achieve low-angle shots, or place your smartphone on a flat surface and film a time lapse. A magnetic phone clamp supports smartphones up to 3.3" wide. The gimbal itself has a load capacity of 10.6 oz to accommodate the Spotlight or your own microphone unit via a built-in cold shoe mount. Film for up to 16 hours, courtesy of the 2900 mAh internal battery. The Creator Kits outfit you with additional USB-C cables, compatible with iOS and Android devices, to charge your phone using the Flow.

Intuitive Controls

The SmartWheel dial control allows for easy access to key gimbal controls like zoom, quick mode change, and even horizontal to vertical orientation switching. The trigger button not only activates the Deep Track 3.0 software but also re-centers your phone and enables Max Selfie mode for high-res photos. The Insta360 smartphone lets you utilize creative cinematic effects, and the FlashCut editing software provides AI editing tools.

Are you excited for Insta360 to enter the gimbal world? In what ways would you intend to use it in your workflow? Let us know in the Comments section, below.