Hollyland’s New MARS 300 PRO Wireless Video System


B&H Photo is happy to announce the new Hollyland MARS 300 PRO wireless video transmitter and receiver systems for HDMI video signals. The MARS 300 PRO is available in two flavors—Standard and Enhanced. Both systems feature a 400' line-of-sight transmission range to the receiver and a 300' line-of-sight transmission range to devices running the available HollyView app. You can choose to transmit to a combination of receiver and two devices or three devices with no receiver. The standard and enhanced versions are essentially the same, except that the enhanced transmitter is impact resistant and the enhanced version supports external antennae for a stronger signal.

The transmitter features an HDMI input, with a loop-through HDMI output, while the receiver features two HDMI outputs. The systems are compatible with NTSC and PAL broadcast standards and support signals from 480p/576p up to 1080p50/59.94/60. Both systems also support 1080p23.9/24/25/29.97 and 30, so they are well suited for cine use as well as ENG and broadcast.

Utilizing the 5GHz spectrum, both systems features a low 0.08-second latency time, and the side-mounted OLED screen provides visual confirmation of your power status, channel information, signal strength, and video format.

Multiple powering options, including L-series batteries, make for flexible systems well suited for work in the field. Compact, flexible, and compatible with multiple frame rates and broadcast systems, the Hollyland MARS 300 PRO systems, both standard and enhanced, are worth checking out.

For more information on Hollyland wireless video systems, visit the B&H Photo Website, or if you're in New York City, visit The Studio at the B&H Photo SuperStore.