Feiyu Announces the Simplified SCORP-C Handheld Gimbal


If your prefer remote smartphone or button control of your handheld gimbal, the new SCORP-C 3-axis gimbal stabilizer from Feiyu is a solid addition to its SCORP and SCORP Pro siblings that provide simplified operation. The SCORP-C is designed with all the same great features as the SCORP, but it removes the touchscreen for a more intuitive button-control experience with a full control option via the wireless Feiyu app.

SCORP-C 3-axis gimbal stabilizer

SCORP-C 3-axis gimbal stabilizer

Like the SCORP, the SCORP-C is an entry-level gimbal that supports camera rigs up to 5.5 lb and has a lightweight resin-and-aluminum body that weighs only 2.6 lb. It features the same compact, folding design and its integrated handle and built-in tripod make it easy to shoot, transport, and store. The only difference is the absence of the touchscreen on the SCORP, and its buttons and scroll wheel are laid out to be easy to use while shooting and configuring the gimbal.

The main configuration and control of the SCORP-C is done using the Feiyu app, which provides all the same settings, mode-switching controls such as a virtual joystick, camera control, and effects like panorama, tracking, and time lapse. The gimbal features the same built-in 2500mAh battery that lasts up to 13 hours, is charged using a USB Type-C cable, and supports 18W PD fast charging. It also includes a lens support, quick-release plate, and the same camera control cables as the other gimbals for popular camera brands such as Panasonic, Canon, and Sony.

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