Announcing DJI Mini 2 SE Drone


With the release of the Mini 2 SE, DJI adds another model to the powerful and portable Mini line, giving fans yet another option to choose from. A step up from the Mini SE, the Mini 2 SE upgrades many of the Mini SE's features while maintaining its resolution. However, in comparison to the Mini 2, the Mini 2 SE keeps much of the same functionality, but with a lowered resolution. Either way, with the Mini 2 SE, DJI delivers an entry-level drone that provides pro-style quality that is accessible to casual and beginner pilots alike.

DJI Mini 2 SE
DJI Mini 2 SE

As with all Mini drones, one of the most important aspects of the Mini 2 SE is that it keeps the weight of the drone down to less than 0.55 lb., despite adding the included intelligent flight battery, propellers, and optional microSD card. This weight places it under US federal regulations for registration, making it ideal for those who want a frictionless entry into owning a drone.

By attaching the "SE" label to the Mini 2, DJI is hinting at the new drone's close ties to the original Mini 2, and for good reason. The Mini 2 SE reduces the maximum resolution from 4K/30 to 2.7K/30, but still offers incredibly high aerial fidelity. Beyond that, many of the Mini 2's features remain, such as dual-band OcuSync 2.0 video transmission at a 6.2-mile maximum range, an identical selection of QuickShots intelligent flight modes, the same robust Level 5 (up to 24 mph) wind resistance, and more.

Since the Mini 2 SE is a new entry into the "SE" line, its affordability makes it rather attractive to beginner pilots. The drone offers a lot of one-tap functionality through the DJI Fly app. Select from one of five pre-programmed QuickShots flight modes and between one of three Panorama options. The DJI Fly app is also equipped with clear operating instructions and easy-to-follow tutorials.

The Mini 2 SE may very well be the best of both worlds and cements itself as the go-to aerial solution in the entry-level drone category. The Mini 2 SE comes in a standard configuration as well as a Fly More Combo version that includes additional accessories, such as two extra batteries and pair of propellers. It also comes with exclusive gear, such as a shoulder bag, two-way charging hub, and propeller holder.

Let us know what you think about DJI's latest offering in the Comments section, below. You can find more details about the Mini 2 SE and pick the version that's right for you at B&H.


Will the mini 2 SE be made remote ID compatible by Sep 2023?

Hi John - 

This information is not currently available.