Core SWX Announces the Helix Max Dual-Voltage Cinema Batteries

Core SWX Announces the Helix Max Dual-Voltage Cinema Batteries

Improve your power-hungry gear's performance with the latest battery offerings from Core SWX. The new Helix Max dual-voltage batteries offer 14/28V dual output to satisfy high-voltage lights and cinema cameras, while also managing power to lower-voltage accessories. The batteries come in 275Wh B-Mount, V-Mount, and Gold mount models, as well as 367Wh B-Mount, V-Mount, and Gold mount models.

Core SWX Helix Max 275, B-Mount (left), Core SWX Helix Max 275, V-Mount (center), and Core SWX Helix Max 275, Gold Mount (right)

High-Power Output

Each battery features power outputs up to 33.6V and can allow a 12 to 24 peak draw, depending on the voltage requirements of your equipment. There is also one USB-A and one D-Tap output on each battery to power additional accessories.

Backlit LCD and Gauge

The Helix Max batteries sport a backlit LCD on the rear that provides valuable information about battery health. The stats include charge status, battery life, and estimated run time, as well as displaying the remaining percentage in a handy visual bar graph. The batteries also feature a wraparound LED gauge so you can see remaining battery life from any angle.


Additionally, the batteries provide camera communication, showing numerous stats such as voltage, run time, and remaining percentage right on your camera's status display. Along with the backlit LCD and wraparound LED, you'll always know the health of your battery. The Helix batteries also support RFID communication, so you can check on your battery's health from a mobile phone or tablet.

Durable Housing

Other than their impressive dual-voltage and communication features, these batteries are also incredibly durable and well protected. The durable polycarbonate housing provides shock protection from drops and knocks, keeping the internal cells safe from damage. The material is also heat resistant, making the batteries ideal for powering hot lights.

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