Core SWX Launches G3 Hypercores with Upgraded Durability and Output

Core SWX launches G3 Hypercore's with Upgraded Durability and Output

Core SWX continues to push the boundary of what camera batteries can do, packing new construction, performance, and connectivity improvements into its recently announced G3 Hypercore series. The super-durable polycarbonate shells will be familiar to anyone who’s seen the NANOX series, but these G3s pack double the continuous power delivery, as well as new PDPro ports, that combine D-Tap and USB-C technology to create a groundbreaking new connection. The G3s come in 99Wh and 144Wh capacities, with V-Mount or G-Mount connections, ensuring full compatibility with modern high-end cinema cameras.

Core SWX G3 99Wh
Core SWX G3 99Wh

The name of the game with batteries will always be output specs and construction. You want something that can, as far as power goes, hit all the marks while also surviving difficult production environments and hundreds of recharge cycles. Core has been a major player in the high-end battery space for more than two decades, and its tireless push for innovation is easy to see in these G3 Hypercores. With the 99Whs weighing less than 2 lb, and the 144Whs less than 2.5 lb, these batteries pack a ton of power into a very manageable package that should be an easy addition to the kit of any cinematographer.

Core SWX G3 144Wh
Core SWX G3 144Wh

Aesthetically, Core has made several improvements to previous products in the Hypercore series, foremost being a new polycarbonate shell that can weather virtually any conditions you throw at it. The backlit LCD readout for runtime and percentage has also been relocated to the side of the battery, making it easier to read for operators and ACs on set. Similarly, LED gauges are now on both the right and left side for easy scanning, remaining illuminated while you charge or discharge the battery. These gauges are even RGB now, so you can differentiate your batteries with four different colors. Finally, a 1/4-20" thread has been added to the back of the units in the middle of the V-clip to give more mounting possibilities—think articulating arms, gimbals, clamps, and other rigging spots.

On the power end, the biggest feature of the G3s is their 20A continuous load handling. That’s double what the NANOXs can push out and helps ensure full compatibility with a massive range of demanding studio and cinema cameras. The other large upgrade is the new “PDPro” port that complements the existing P-Tap. PDPro is a brand new auxiliary connection that’s capable of outputting 5 to 28v at up to 185w. That means it can power your existing accessories—lights, monitors, wireless transmitters, follow focus units—as well as USB-C devices like laptops and smartphones. You can even use it as an input to charge the G3’s at 100w. The reversible connection means there’s no polarity concerns. It’s everything you like about D-Taps, plus USB-C, plus a massive voltage range.

Building on the enhanced connectivity offered by the PDPro ports, the G3s feature built-in RFID chips for use with Core’s Voltbridge iD protocol. Open the Voltbridge iD app on your phone, wave it near the battery, and instantly have access to all its vital information, including capacity, temperature, health, and cycle count. The V-Mount version of the G3s also include SMBUS camera communication to easily monitor capacity from the camera’s display.

For more information about the Core G3 Hypercore Packs, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product pages for the V-Mount 99Wh and 144Wh, as well as the G-Mount 99Wh and 144Wh. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all your comments and questions.