CES 2017: New Canon Vixia Camcorders for the New Year


If your New Year’s resolutions include capturing better videos of the kids, documenting your travels or work functions, or live-streaming your favorite events, Canon can help with the latest versions of its VIXIA line. The upgraded camcorders are the HF R82, HF R80, and the HF R800B / HF R800W, following up on the HF R72, the HF R70, and the HF R700 (in black or white). All of the new models feature a Highlight Priority mode with improved backlight correction and additional fast-speed recording options. For staying connected to family and friends, the HF R82 and HF R80 feature built-in Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, a Live Streaming mode, and file down-conversion. The HF R82 and HF R80 also offer remote camera control using the Camera Connect app (free download available) and a compatible smartphone.

The VIXIA HF R82 leads the new pack with up to 12 hours of built-in recording time—six more than the HF R72’S six hours. Pop in a 64GB SD card for a total recording time of up to 36 hours. If your budget falls short of the HF R82, or you simply don’t require its maximum recording capabilities, the VIXIA HF R80 offers the same versatile options with six hours of internal recording memory at a lower price. The VIXIA HF R800 (Black) and the VIXIA HF R800 (White) record to SD cards only.

Shooting outdoors or in a brightly lit interior? The latest VIXIA camcorders’ Highlight Priority mode helps to preserve details in backlit situations, yielding images that more closely mimic what you’re seeing by eye. The resulting videos are designed for compatibility with bright LCD HDTVs.

Each of the latest VIXIA line is constructed with a variable-speed 57x Advanced Zoom lens (32.5-1853mm equivalent), a 3.28 MP CMOS sensor, a DIGIC DV 4 image processor, and five-axis Optical Image Stabilization. Together, these features help you produce sharp, steady, video with natural color at up to 1080p/60 frame rates. New 300x and 600x speed settings have been added to the original fast-motion recording function for a total of eight options. Choose your settings and view the action on the VIXIA cameras’ 3.0" capacitive touchscreen LCD panel.

Just like the HF R72 and HF R70 before them, the HF R82 and HF R80 offer Internet live-streaming and camera control when used with the Camera Connect app. Their built-in down-conversion function enables you to reduce the size of video files to share them more easily with family and friends.

Whether you opt for the longer-recording HF R82, the similar HF R80, or the more basic HF R800 models, the new family of Canon VIXIA camcorders has your video recording needs covered. These models have just the right features you need to produce professional-looking images at your next event.

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Very disappointed that the Vixia HF-g40 was not upgraded to 4K.  So I bought the Sony RX 10iii.  It does some good stuff, but lacks many features of my old Canon HF-G30 (ease-in zoom, touch screen, etc.) and the focus on it is horrible.

4K isn't everything. Consumer camcorders should not be 4K

"Consumer camcorders should not be 4K"

Why? Do you want to prohibit it?

Uh, like every other company BUT Canon is making comsumer (and Prosumer) camcorders with 4K. 

Do not follow things closely, but surprised that Canon did not introduce any 4K camcorders.