BirdDog Announces MAKI Ultra and X1 Cameras with NDI HX3

BirdDog Announces MAKI Ultra and X1Cameras with NDI HX3 Support

BirdDog just announced a quartet of new cameras: the Wi-Fi–enabled X1 and X1 Ultra PTZ cameras and the new MAKI Ultra box camera, which is available with 12x or 20x zoom. Each new BirdDog camera features NDI HX3 connectivity and is equipped with a Sony 1/2.3" CMOS sensor for true broadcast-quality imaging.

X1 and X1 Ultra

BirdDog’s new PTZ cameras come in two flavors: X1 and X1 Ultra. Both versions offer AI auto-framing and incorporate a built-in NDI decoder, enabling broadcast-friendly features like a return video feed, confidence monitoring, and teleprompting. Enhanced Wi-Fi functionality gives both X1 models additional video and control options, including cableless NDI HX3 integration, which helps reduce network impact. Both models also feature industry-first e-ink labels that prominently display important information about your setup.

BirdDog X1 and X1 Ultra
BirdDog X1 and X1 Ultra

Imaging features are what separate the two PTZs. The standard X1 records up to 1080p60 video with a 20x zoom, while the X1 Ultra can capture video up to 2160p30 (UHD 4K30) with a 12x zoom. Both models are available in your choice of black or white.

MAKI Ultra

The MAKI Ultra is a compact box camera featuring 4K60 video capture, intuitive on-camera controls, and lightning-fast autofocus, making it ideal for rich, live-performance imaging. Like the X1 series, the MAKI Ultra also comes in 12x and 20x zoom variants and your color choice of black or white.

BirdDog MAKI Ultra
BirdDog MAKI Ultra

All four of the new BirdDog cameras promise exceptional low-light performance and support PoE (power over Ethernet), API control, and USB/UVC output with an independent resolution for direct output to platforms like Teams and Zoom.

For more information about these new PTZ and box cameras, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product pages for the MAKI Ultra, the X1, and the X1 Ultra. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all of your comments and questions.