Add Atomos Bluetooth Timecode to Your Nikon Z9 Video Footage


You already love the Nikon Z9’s ability to capture full-frame 8K video, but now, with firmware update 3.0, you can add Bluetooth timecode using the Atomos UltraSync BLUE and AtomX CONNECT devices. The latest 3.01 update also fixes several focus-tracking functions in AF-C mode, improves FTP uploading, and eliminates a custom setting glitch.

Atomos UltraSync BLUE

Atomos UltraSync BLUE

Able to sync up to six multi-brand devices, the UltraSync BLUE transmits directly to a media file in your camera or other device, with no software conversion needed. The Bluetooth metadata is recognized by all pro NLE systems and is as accurate as hard-wired solutions. The compact UltraSync BLUE remembers your camera, recorder/monitor, or smartphone after an initial pairing, saving the time and effort of repairing (you may need to select Clear Table in the settings). The AtomX SYNC Module setup is a little more complicated, requiring you to select a region of use and to calibrate a frame delay when using an HDMI source.

Choose from 29.97, 29.97 DF (drop frame), 25, or 23.98 fps UltraSync BLUE frame rates to match your 120, 60, or 30p, 100, 50, or 25p, or 24p recording rates, respectively. A future Atomos update will enable you to jam TOD (time of day) timecode into the UltraSync using your smartphone, so you can use it simultaneously with other brands of timecode systems.

The Nikon Z9 firmware update 3.01 also adds compatibility with the MC-N10 remote grip for synced release on cameras linked using a 10-pin remote terminal. The focus-tracking improvements are concentrated in Custom Setting f2 and wide-area AF-C modes.

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