Colorful and Compact: Aputure's MT Pro


Aputure’s MT Pro Tube Light boasts an array of advanced lighting features in a highly portable package. Cramming an industry-leading 36 RGBWW pixels into a 1-foot tube-style LED, the MT Pro offers an expansive range of colors with smooth pixel chases and effects. Combine this with the MT Pro’s light footprint, CRMX compatibility, and built-in battery and you have a dynamic location light capable of illuminating hard-to-reach spaces for photo or video.

Aputure MT Pro-1 Tube Light

Aputure MT Pro-1 Tube Light

Incorporating the same technology as Aputure’s popular LS 600c Pro and Nova P600c, the MT Pro can accurately and dependably create colors between 2000K and 10000K, reproducing more than 90% of the Rec.2020 Color Space. Like its older siblings, the MT Pro offers 0-100% stepless brightness adjustment, fully tunable green-magenta, White-point HSI, and X,Y (CIE 1931) control. Dynamic setups for video are possible using nine built-in system effects or seven pixel effects. Sidus Link app compatibility via Bluetooth further expands creative lighting possibilities through Picker FX, Music FX, Magic Program, Manual FX, and System FX. Up to 10 custom effects and 10 music effects can be stored for quick access.

In addition to the Sidus Link app, the MT Pro can be remotely controlled via DMX or LumenRadio CRMX. Adjustments can also be made on the light itself. An internal lithium-polymer battery lasts up to two hours at full power and takes about the same amount of time to charge from empty. The small size (11.81 x 1.57 x 1.37") and light weight (0.86 lb) of the MT Pro makes it an easy LED to handhold, safely secure to metal surfaces using built-in magnets, or mount via vertical or horizontal 1/4"-20 threads on either side of the light.

The MT Pro comes with a Mini Tripod featuring a 1/4"-20 ball head, perfect for tabletop use whether vlogging, video conferencing, or lighting a subject for photo/video. A 45-degree fabric grid is also included to direct light and control unwanted spill. Finally, a case is included for transport and storage.

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