Aputure Announces a Collection of amaran LED Tubes and Flexible Mats


Aputure has just added a pair of LED tubes and collection of flexible LED mats to the amaran lineup for photographers and videographers looking to sneak light into tight spaces or add creative lighting to their scenes. Available in 2-foot (T2c) and 4-foot (T4c) lengths, the new RGBWW LED tubes can produce virtually any color imaginable. The flexible mats come in dimensions of 2x1' (F21) and 2x2' (F22) in bi-color or RGBWW models, depending on the type of light needed for your production.

amaran F22C
amaran T4C

The amaran T2c and T4c lights output 20W and 40W respectively, with a CRI rating of 95 and TLCI rating of 98, promising accurate, repeatable results. Designed to handle a wide range of applications, these lights feature adjustable color temperatures from 2500 to 7500K with green-magenta tunability, 46-color gel presets, 15 built-in lighting effects, DMX control via an adapter, and compatibility with the Sidus Link App for remote control. Mounting is equally versatile with NATO rail compatibility, six 1/4"-20 threads, and 3/8"-16 threads with ARRI-style locating pins. A swappable battery capable of 4 hours of continuous output at maximum power is included, so these lights can be positioned anywhere you can mount them. Alternatively, you can use an included AC power source. A soft carrying case is included for transport and storage.

amaran F21C with a grid
amaran T2C with a grid

For more power and a different flavor of adaptability, the new amaran LED mats produce 100W and 200W, depending on the selected model, with an equally impressive CRI rating of 95 and TLCI rating of 98. Ultra-lightweight and shapeable to the needs of virtually any light install, the mats are sure to appeal to creators working on location in tight environments. Power can be delivered either through an included AC supply or remotely via V or Gold-Mount battery plates. A foldable softbox is included with two strengths of diffusion cloth and a grid for further refining output. A separately available Lantern Modifier can also be used to simulate the effect of a volumetric lantern or pancake light. DMX control is possible via an adapter and Sidus Link App compatibility allows remote control via your phone. Impressively lightweight, the mats can be mounted directly on a c-stand grip head using its straight baby pin adapter, or a light stand via a right-angle baby pin. Bi-color models are tunable between 2500 and 7500K and come with 9 lighting effects built in. Meanwhile, RGBWW models include 360-degree HIS control, 46 gel presets, and 15 lighting effects. Like the tube lights, a carrying case is included for easily moving these lights where you need them on set.

amaran F21 Controller
amaran F22C Gold Mount Battery Plate

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