Announcing the DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Prime Lenses


DZOFilm’s newest full-frame lens line provides impressive magnification for small subject matter with a wide range of camera mounting capabilities. The Gnosis Macro Prime lenses come in 32mm, 65mm, and 90mm focal lengths with imperial lens markings, as well as 32mm, 65mm, and 90mm focal lengths with metric lens markings. An all-inclusive Imperial 3-Lens Kit and Metric 3-Lens Kit bundle the available lenses together. Every lens includes a Pelican hard case with custom-cut foam interior to store the lenses, additional mounts, shims, and other tools for integration with your camera configuration.

3-Lens Kit

3-Lens Kit

Maximum Magnification

Each lens comes with different magnification ratios—1:1, 1.33:1, and 1.5:1—increasing their ability to home in on fine details. The varying focal lengths in the Gnosis line allow you to use them in different applications for a wider range of subject compatibility. The 32mm lens accommodates more subject matter with its 6.6" focus distance and wide-angle view. The 65mm lens is better suited for standard field of views with its 9.36" focus distance. The 90mm lens compresses your field of view for a telephoto effect with its 10.2" focus distance.

32mm Lens
65mm Lens

Other Nuts and Bolts

A T2.8 maximum aperture with smooth adjustment from T2.8 to T22 give you customization over your depth of field. While these full-frame lenses are equipped with LPL mounts, they each include PL and EF mount bayonets. Additional shims allow you to adjust the back focus for increased precision. If you can’t decide between the focal lengths, no need to worry, just grab the 3-lens kit. Each part of the Gnosis line includes the required hardware for installation. This wide range of compatibility makes the Gnosis lenses ideal for any cinema loadout.

90mm Lens

90mm Lens

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