Accsoon CineView HE Transmitter & Receiver Kit Easy Wireless 1080p


New for NAB 2022, the Accsoon CineView HE allows you to transmit and receive 1080p video up to 1200' wirelessly. Supporting HDMI signals and featuring a zero-latency loop out HDMI port for local viewing, the transmitter can send its signal to the included receiver, as well as up to three mobile devices. The transmitter automatically selects the best channel for video and audio transmission, and it uses dual-band transmission technology (2.4 GHz + 5GHz) for improved clarity and resistance to interference. It also features passive cooling, so no gripes from the sound department.

Accsoon CineView HE Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit

Accsoon CineView HE Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit

The receiver features an HDMI output and a USB Type-C (UVC Video) to connect directly to a computer, letting you livestream easily. The Accsoon Go app, available for iOS and Android, enables you to transmit to mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and even Mac laptops with the M1 chip, allowing up to four devices to receive the transmitter's signal. Flexible powering options complete the CineView HE's list of advantages since you can power it with an L-series battery or by USB Type-C.

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