Start Your Own YouTube Channel with These Teleprompters


Smartphone/tablet teleprompters have proven to be very successful for YouTube channels. Many popular YouTube vloggers list a mobile teleprompter among their YouTube gear. These prompters are compact and affordable, and both factors are right up the alley of a YouTube vlogger. They’re also easy to get started with and use. They work using one of many prompting apps that can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play, and setup generally isn’t complicated at all. Below, we’ll round up the most ideal options among the different types of mobile teleprompters that are available at B&H, for your consideration for your new YouTube channel.

For those totally new to teleprompters, here’s a quick description of how they work: A teleprompter displays a scrolling script in front of a camera lens, allowing the presenter to read while keeping eye contact with the audience. A monitor—a phone or tablet, in this case—sits on the bottom section of the prompter and displays the scrolling script. A reflective and transparent glass sits above the monitor, right in front of the camera lens, and mirrors the text displayed. That’s the whole concept. One thing to consider when getting a teleprompter is the mounting method. There are three main ways. Some prompters attach on a tripod, and a camera attaches on the back of the prompter. Some attach to the front of a camera rig. And some mount on a separate tripod or stand in front of the camera.

The first one we’ll highlight, a very popular option for some time now—the Parrot V2—attaches directly to the camera itself. Using one of nine included adapters, it screws onto the filter thread of the camera’s lens. It weighs next to nothing, so it doesn’t put pressure on the camera. The Parrot V2 is one of the most affordable prompters available on the market. It was designed for the vlogger and so was the price. The Parrot accepts a smartphone as the display, and it includes an iOS/Android prompting app as a totally free download. The Parrot also supports an optional remote control that allows a presenter to adjust the scroll speed and other factors remotely. The Parrot is ultra-compact and it’s stylish. It packs away nice and neat for storage, but it takes up so little space that you can just keep it on your desk between shoots.

Parrot Teleprompter V2

Another ultra-compact solution is the Glide Gear TMP 50, which also uses a smartphone and which is also very affordable. This prompter has an interesting feature that’s not commonly provided in other teleprompters. It includes a bracket that lets you use another smartphone as the camera, on the rear. It also supports a standard camera, but the option is still nice to have. Maybe you can borrow a second phone for a shoot and assign some nice settings in the FiLMiC Pro filmmaking app that’s available for phones. The TMP 50 offers mounting threads on the bottom and can be used tripod-mounted or attached on various other supports.

Glide Gear TMP 50 Adjustable Smartphone Mini Teleprompter

A slightly larger but still very compact choice, and featuring a highly minimalist and neat design, is the PROMPT-IT Maxi Teleprompter. A fold-out glass opens out and provides room for a phone or tablet in its place. Likewise, it closes back up into a flat, book-sized shape, and you can slide it into your bag along with your tablet like two slim books if you ever want to travel with it. The Maxi is designed to attach on a separate tripod or stand and be placed in front of the camera. However, since it’s flat, which is one of its great features, you can set it right on a table, drawer or other flat surface in front of your camera.

PROMPT-IT Maxi Teleprompter

A similar option is the Onetakeonly Pad Prompter, a top seller that also has a flat, fold-out design. It comes in two versions: a standard one that attaches to a separate tripod or light stand, and one that includes rods and rod adapters for attachment to the front of a camera rig. In either version, you can remove the mounting bracket from the bottom and place the prompter flat on a tabletop.

Onetakeonly Pad Prompter for Light Stands

Some more traditional-looking but still foldable mobile prompters include the Glide Gear iPad Smartphone Teleprompter and the Telmax FLIP PROMPTER.

Telmax FLIP PROMPTER Folding iPad & Tablet Teleprompter

Telmax has another great option, the GoldII Prompter. The GoldII has a trendy look, boasts a high-quality, optical-grade glass and powder-coated aluminum frame, and it supports virtually all devices up to the 12" iPad Pro. The glass is designed with an anti-reflective coating that keeps glare out and prevents light from bouncing around under the hood (the space where the prompter and the lens meet). This teleprompter also folds fairly flat for transport and storage, and it supports an optional Telmax remote control. The GoldII has a traditional tripod-mount design and it fits small to mid-size cameras on a height-adjustable camera platform.

If you’re looking to go the way of larger tablets, another option is the MagiCue Mobile Teleprompter, which is a robust yet lightweight solution for use with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Telmax GoldII Prompter for Mobile Devices

ikan also offers a solid choice for larger tablets with the Elite Pro. Aside from the general features, this sleek prompter features a scientific-grade glass, quick-release camera platform, magnetic hood, and a wide tripod-mount platform for better stability and balance.

ikan Elite Pro Universal Large Tablet Teleprompter

Starting a YouTube channel can be a beautiful endeavor. There’s genuine opportunity to provide value and gain a following on YouTube. Over a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day, per YouTube, and audiences are encouraging to new channels if they see the presenter is serious. This can be seen in some of the supportive comments they leave when they subscribe. Best wishes to you in your creative effort.

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