Dial-a-Gel with the Luxli Timpani and 150 Lee Filter Choices


Kiss your clothespins and milk crates goodbye! When using the Luxli Timpani 1 x 1 RGBAW LED Light in Filter Mode, you can simply dial-in the filter of your choice, each corresponding to one of 150 popular Lee gels. Whether it’s for color correction or a creative effect, the Timpani's Filter mode saves the you the trouble of transporting, rigging, and storing traditional gels for your lights. Use the Luxli Conductor iOS/Android app to choose your favorite gel or dial one in on the Timpani itself.

Luxli Timpani 1x1 RGBAW LED Light

150 Popular Lee Gel Looks

The Timpani features Chromakey Green and Blue presets, a range of popular color-correction filters like CTO, CT Blue, Plus/Minus Greens, and various Ambers, as well as a wide selection of color-effects filters. Matching your light to existing location sources or other fixtures? The Timpani can add or subtract green/magenta in 1% increments for precision alignment. A bonus is the Timpani's ability to apply a filter look to any color temperature in the CCT mode, unlike many other similar LED panels.

Adjacent Filter Intensities

If you've ever ordered the same gel roll or sheet in several intensities, you've probably noticed that the filter numbers may not be consecutive. This is the result of higher or lower filter strengths being created after the original gel is released. For example, while 1/4 and 1/2 Mustard Yellow are adjacent to each other at Lee # 642 and # 643, full Yellow Mustard is up the scale at # 741. Luxli has handily grouped the Timpani’s filters by color—not the color product number—enabling you to dial up and down adjacent tint strengths with the turn of a knob. A future software update will cross-reference the Luxli numbers with the Lee product numbers.

Presets & Durability

Up to four presets can be assigned in Filter Mode, letting you quickly switch to your favorite looks or adjust your Timpani to changing ambient light levels. Presets can currently only be set at the unit, not through the Luxli Conductor app; look for app presets in a future upgrade. The Timpani’s Filter Mode also offers the benefit of continuous, digital output—no need to worry about your gels fading over time or when used in permanent lighting installations.

The Timpani’s filter range has been tested with Konica Minolta CL-500A and Illuminati meters for accurate color reproduction. Share your experiences below in using the Timpani in Filter Mode, and check out Luxli’s range of LED panel lights on the B&H Photo website or in the NYC SuperStore.

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