The Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, with Jerry Ghionis


Are you interested in shooting portraits outside but don’t know what gear you’ll need or how to use natural light to your benefit? Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis is here to help. Learn the ins and outs of outdoor portrait photography in this new five-part series. Ghionis will teach you how to prepare for an outdoor shoot, how to use off-camera flash, and much more.

Introducing the Outdoor Portrait Photography Series

In Part 1, Ghionis takes us around Las Vegas and explains in general terms what we need to know about outdoor portrait photography.


Research Tips and Gear for Outdoor Portraits

Get ready to plan your shoot! In Part 2, Ghionis breaks down his pre-shoot preparation process and shares what gear he uses to get that perfect outdoor portrait.


High-End Outdoor Portraits in Natural Light

Getting outdoor portrait photos that look “high-end” can be tricky. In Part 3, Ghionis shows you how to pose your models and find good natural light to achieve that high-end look.


Reflectors, Diffusers, and Natural Light for High-End Portraits

In Part 4, Ghionis shows you how to use reflectors and diffusers to shape natural light to your heart’s desire and take your outdoor portraits to new dimensions.


Outdoor Portraits Using Off-Camera Flash

In this last part of the series, Ghionis hits the desert to demonstrate the uses of off-camera flash in outdoor portraits, and recaps everything he’s gone over so far.



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