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It was another relatively slow week in terms of announcements, with ZEISS making the sole major splash with its Nano Prime cine lens announcement. Despite the lack of product announcements, we’re still publishing new hands-on videos of Kodak’s Super 8 movie camera, we’ve got a video on 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Smart Home Entertainment Center, and we’ll hear from our staff writers about what caught their eye in the last seven days. ZEISS Launches the Compact Nano Prime Cine Lenses ZEISS had the
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If your next project is budget-driven but you need that classic cinema look, the new ZEISS Nano Prime lens line is designed for mid-range cameras, such as the Sony FX9 or BURANO, to lower-end cinema cameras, such as the Sony FX6 or FX3. The entry-level E-mount lenses come in 18, 24,