Year in Review

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One of the most prolific brands in 2023, Sony had an all-star year with numerous camera and lens releases, including several major releases in a variety of categories. Between the major cine announcement of the BURANO, the global shutter-enabled a9 III mirrorless camera, or the long-awaited FE 300mm f/2.8 GM OSS, Sony had at least one appealing announcement for nearly every photographer and filmmaker. Cameras Sony has championed the dedicated vlogging camera for a few years now, even introducing an entire line (
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2023 has certainly come and gone in a flash, meaning it’s time once again for us to reflect on new photo offerings in our ninth annual Cameras of the Year episode, now renamed Photo Gear of the Year. We’ll be talking with B&H Camera and Lighting Senior Sales Trainer Kevin Rickert. Featured in our discussion are 25 new releases from Canon, FUJIFILM,
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Canon is a brand that has always drawn attention, interest, and intrigue with its new releases, and, in 2023, the company didn’t disappoint—especially on the lens front. With an admirable range and number of new products this past year, it seems that Canon is building up to something big and bold in the future. The cameras were mainly focused on creating a solid foundation for entry-level and mid-level shooters, and the lenses span the gamut between compact kit lenses and fully fledged professional super-telephotos. Let’s take a closer look at
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Nikon has been in the groove for the past few years. Kickstarted by the Z9 a couple of years ago, and seeing several major announcements since then, the brand has really gained traction with its Z system, entering a period dedicated to rounding out the lens lineup and introducing new, more specialized camera models to the Nikon portfolio. Let’s recap the company’s major camera and lens announcements from 2023. Cameras Despite only having two camera releases in 2023, Nikon made the most of this pair of announcements. Both cameras are full-frame
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Drones are highly useful pieces of equipment for photographers and videographers and, these days, there are more consumer options than ever before. However, with the tech rapidly evolving, drones can be quite pricey, ranging from just a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, so choosing the right option to invest in can be challenging. In this guide, we'll look at some notable releases this year, and some key differences between them, to help narrow your search and compare options more easily. DJI Mini 4 Pro For its features and its price, the
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If you thought the half-life of a modern digital camera was short, you probably don’t pay attention to the ever-changing landscape of the B&H SuperStore shelves when it comes to camera bags. You can’t swing a mirrorless camera around that section of the SuperStore without hitting a brand-new release from many top brands. Camera bag manufacturers are constantly finding new and innovative ways to let you carry and protect
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If renowned landscape photographer Ansel Adams were alive today, he would surely be astounded at the variety of cameras available. When compared to his hulking 8x10 view camera, today’s cameras look like child’s play. He would also be flabbergasted at the image quality these little devices produce. In 2023, we have a bottomless well of cameras from which to choose. To help narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a handful of cameras that are at the top of their class this year, in terms of landscape photography. Sony a7R V and Sony a7CR The
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It’s no secret that video has taken over. From TikTok to Times Square, it has infiltrated every corner of our lives. Meanwhile, the line between still photography and videography grows increasingly thin. You only need to glance at Instagram or Facebook to see this new order of things play out. It’s no surprise that in the dawn of this new amalgam era, a certain class of cameras has emerged. As the name implies, hybrid cameras are adept at capturing video and stills. These cameras can serve as an entry point into video while still being capable
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When it’s time to step up the look of your digital film production and you are upgrading to a full-frame or Super35 cinema camera, shooting with a new mirrorless full-frame camera, or just seeking that film look, buying or renting the right digital cinema lens requires research, patience, and, most importantly, visual meditation. Whether you’re shooting 8K large format, full frame, anamorphic, or Super35, there’s a cine lens out there that’s just right for recreating
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A drawing tablet translates the strokes from a pen or stylus to your computer. Illustrators or animators often use this type of device when they require the precision of a stylus input. A stylus can even be useful for a variety of other creative work, such as when photographers want to retouch their images. Although a mouse is fine for everyday tasks like surfing the Web or scrolling, a drawing tablet grants a much higher degree of precision while also feeling more comfortable and natural for the user. Anyone who has ever struggled to recreate
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Whether you're a professional DJ or just taking your first steps into photography, a capable machine is essential because it is the cornerstone of your workflow. There are many factors to consider when shopping for a laptop and, in this guide, our goal is to help you get a better idea of what specs are going to matter the most for the most common content creation applications. Best Laptops for Photographers and Videographers on the Go Videographers and photographers constantly on the move need a workstation that's powerful enough to handle
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There's nothing like the feeling you get after playing your footage from an arduous day of filming, when you realize that everything you shot looks like your camera stumbled into a rogue washing machine, which then toppled down a comically large mountain range. Nothing like it. Unintentionally shaky footage can make a seemingly successful shoot become the bane of one's career. While there are certain measures one can take to mitigate the shakiness of footage in post, nothing will be as painless as simply stabilizing during production—hence the
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A DJ set with booming professional audio is a great way to enjoy dance music with a like-minded crowd, but a DJ set with a captivating light show becomes a veritable audio-visual experience that audiences may never forget. Whether blasting a burst of unexpected fog or executing a meticulously pre-programmed display of dancing lasers, keeping an array of versatile lighting fixtures is a necessary component of a complete DJ kit. Recently released lights, effects units, and control surfaces enable professional lighting designers and burgeoning
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MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a programming language that connects a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers, and related devices for playing, editing, and recording music. When we record with MIDI, we are capturing the performance of how an instrument was played, not the audio waveforms produced by the instrument. This has many benefits because we can add notes, edit velocities, correct the performance, or change the sound of the instrument altogether. MIDI controllers are the devices we use to create a
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With the holidays fast approaching, now is a great time to spice up your home studio with some delectable new gear. And what could make a bigger difference than a brand-new microphone? A good microphone can make or break a production, so it’s always vital to have a quality mic in your toolbox for addressing whatever recording scenario you might encounter. That’s why we’ve saved you some time and assembled a list of the best recording microphones on the market, as of 2023. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Microphone Introduction Before