by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 11/04/2022
Configuring a desk area with limited space can be a daunting task. Whether you are alternating between in-office and at-home work, downsizing, or going away to school, having a functional desk setup is essential to productivity. Fear not, dear reader, a small desk doesn't need to be a problem—with some intention and a bit of finessing, you can cultivate a sleek, functional, and beautiful setup without compromising on quality.  Do Away with Your Monitor Base  If you find yourself constantly shifting your monitor around to make room on your desk
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 12/30/2021
Dell’s latest generation of Precision workstations includes a 17-inch, slimline workhorse, the Precision 5760. The 5760 is fairly unique, because you don’t see many 17-inch laptops that offer this much power in such a lightweight form factor. We spent a few weeks with the Precision 5760 to see how it faired as a daily driver and where it might fit into various workflows. This is our review.
by Mos Khan ·Posted 10/06/2021
During its recent Surface event, Microsoft unveiled the largest revamp of its Surface Pro lineup in years, including the debut of the new Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Laptop Studio laptops. Other devices, such as the Surface Go 3, the Surface Pro X, and the Surface Pro 7+ also received notable upgrades. Rounding out the event were several eye-catching accessories, including the new and improved Surface Slim Pen 2. Here’s everything that was anything at the Surface event. Surface Pro 8 One of the biggest reveals was the new
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 04/20/2021
Today, at its “Spring Loaded” event, Apple announced a swarm of new products and services, including major updates for some of its most popular devices, such as the iMac, Apple TV, and more. Here’s everything that was everything from today’s big event. AirTag Apple’s first product announcement was the debut of its long-awaited AirTag, an inconspicuous iPhone accessory that helps keep tabs on your most important
by Cris Silvestri ·Posted 01/09/2020
Creative professionals have been enjoying an abundance of choices lately, with massive workstations and a variety of options that can easily make a difference in high-end workloads (and a significant ding in your budget, as well). For years, Apple reigned supreme for creative professionals, and its hold on the wish lists for animators, video production teams, and high-end graphic designers and artists was strong, but uneasy is the head that wears the crown. Within the last decade, creatives who were disenchanted with Apple’s closed OS,
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 12/10/2019
Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro (Late 2019) defines what a modular workstation is. With a chassis that is based on flexibility and utility, Apple has done away with the cylindrical form factor of the 2013 Mac Pro and brought back the tower design that was used from 2006-2012. However, while the Mac Pro tower has returned, this new rendition is anything but ordinary. Apple built a system that can change as your needs do, giving users a great amount of control over the assembly and
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/05/2019
Music producers, beatmakers, and electronic musicians across the genre spectrum should be excited about Roland’s latest creations. With three keyboard workstations, two grooveboxes, and one synthesizer, this batch is a big deal for anyone wanting to supercharge their music-making process. The FANTOM Series of keyboard workstations are available in 61-, 76-, and 88-key versions. The
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 03/20/2019
Calling something a workstation is a bold claim. This means power, reliability, and professional design, at the very least. Lenovo makes a series of ThinkPad and ThinkStation P Series laptops and desktop computers which, by the numbers, certainly can compete. We are talking about VR-ready laptops and fully customizable
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 09/13/2018
HP has introduced the Z2 G4 workstation lineup as a successor to the Z240 series of workstations. Let's take a look at what HP has cooked up, as the Z2 G4 comes in three distinct form factors: Mini, Small Form Factor (SFF), and Tower. The new series offers processors, memory, storage, and graphics to handle virtually any task across a wide range of disciplines. HP's Z2 G4 Mini Workstation delivers next-level performance for architects, creative professionals, education
by Cris Silvestri ·Posted 05/09/2018
There are some things that you desperately want when you first see them—true love, a luxury car, a full head of hair—until you get slapped in the face by sticker shock. I felt that way about the Surface Book for the longest time. I want, I need, I have to have it, yadda yadda yadda. But it was pricey and I learned to live without it. I’m going to have a much harder time getting over the HP ZBook x2 G4.
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 04/13/2018
A mistake many people make when they pick up the latest and greatest cameras is that they don't ensure that their entire pipeline is set up to handle all that footage and imagery. HP is making things easier for creative professionals by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in laptops and displays, all of which are being shown at NAB this year. The company's setup features a ton of new product, including multiple fifth-generation ZBooks and the latest DreamColor Z27x G2 Studio Display. HP bills its ZBooks as mobile workstations, designed
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 03/08/2018
If you’re a creative content enthusiast who is looking for a system that boasts the power and versatility to push applications like Adobe and Autodesk to the limit, while also retaining a portable form factor, then the HP 14" ZBook x2 G4 Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Mobile Workstation can help turn your visions into reality. Thanks to the flexibility of a backlit Bluetooth keyboard, users can switch from laptop to tablet mode at a moment’s notice, while customizable HP
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 02/13/2018
Designed for real-time, smooth performance on graphics-intensive work, virtual reality, and edge-computing environments, the HP Z4 G4 Series Tower Workstation supports up to 18 cores of processing power, 256GB of 2666 MHz DDR4 ECC Registered RAM, 22TB of storage, and dual NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics cards. It delivers real-time interaction, low latency, and advanced security for those working with massive data sets, cloud computing, and more
by Lawrence Neves ·Posted 08/22/2017
There was a time when Apple held sway over all creative professionals. It was almost impossible for you to find a creative department that didn’t have a core group that was Apple-specific. In almost every workplace, the designers, artists, photographers, and videographers worked exclusively on Mac-based systems. The soft glow of iMacs and sleek design of Mac Pro cylinders were part and parcel of every creative team. All that may be changing. Right now. With Microsoft—specifically, the
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 07/19/2017
If you’ve been looking for a mobile system that features a compact design with high levels of power and graphics capabilities, the HP 14" ZBook 14u G4 Mobile Workstation is a worthy option, allowing users to take workstation-class power with them virtually anywhere. In designing this system, HP has created several options, depending on the needs of their users. There are two multi-touch configurations available, one with a 2.7 GHz Intel