Wireless Transmitter

by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 04/25/2022
New for NAB 2022, the Accsoon CineView HE allows you to transmit and receive 1080p video up to 1200' wirelessly. Supporting HDMI signals and featuring a zero-latency loop out HDMI port for local viewing, the transmitter can send its signal to the included receiver, as well as up to three mobile devices. The transmitter automatically selects the best channel for video and audio transmission, and it uses dual-band transmission
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 04/25/2022
When it comes to video production, seeing is believing and now Teradek has made it easier to view your video footage as the action unfolds using its new Bolt 4K LT HDMI wireless video system. Providing HDMI-only transmission enables Teradek to offer this latest iteration of the Bolt 4K LT at a more budget-friendly price that is perfect for indie content creators. Its cross-compatibility with all other Bolt 4K models also makes the Bolt 4K LT HDMI a versatile option for rental-house use, crew-owned kits, and “B” and “C” camera transmission on
0 Views ·Posted 09/05/2021
B&H’s video team tests the Accsoon CineEye 2 and CineEye 2S Pro Wireless Video Transmitters, going over the specs and exploring the latency and range. Both of these transmitters allow flexibility on set, since they allow you to transmit up to 1080p60 video and monitor your camera on your phone. Questions or comments
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 06/28/2021
Xvive introduces the new U5 dual-channel, digital wireless lavalier microphone systems for DSLR cameras and other audio devices. Meticulously designed in the USA by the company’s team of legendary audio engineers, they offer a versatile, wireless audio solution for video production and speech-recording applications, including interviews, podcasts, weddings, on-stage speaking, webinars, lectures, YouTube videos, and livestreams.
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 04/13/2021
Lectrosonics’s SM Series of miniature wireless transmitters are well known for their transmission range, signal clarity, and dependability in the field—this is what makes them such enticing audio gear for professional film shoots. Now Lectrosonics is upping the ante again with its DBSM transmitters/recorders, giving users a wider frequency range, tighter tuning, incredibly accurate and long-lasting timecode sync, extended battery life, and more. These new transmitters come in two variants: the
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 11/02/2020
Building on its popular Blink 500 Series, Saramonic has unleashed a wireless audio system that takes the original Blink concept and an adds a whole slew of features for the discerning professional. It’s called the Blink 500 Pro, and it comes in single-transmitter and dual-transmitter configurations, giving you a longer
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 09/01/2020
Add long-range wireless HD video transmission to your set with the CineEye 2 Pro wireless transmission system from Accsoon. The system comprises a transmitter and receiver set that can wirelessly send up to 1080p60 video up to 1600' away for viewing on a monitor, projector, or switching equipment. The transmitter features HDMI input and HDMI loop output to connect to your camera and a local monitor, before sending the signal
0 Views ·Posted 06/21/2020
Whether you’re a full-time filmmaker or YouTuber, the Hollyland Mars 400S Wireless Video Transmission System is a welcome addition during a video production. This portable transmitter/receiver allows flexibility on set, because it is able to transmit to up to four mobile devices over built-in Wi-Fi. Features include: bright, easy-to-read OLED screen, 1080p 60 fps video transmission over HDMI and SDI, access to HollyView App,
by Robert Rives ·Posted 05/05/2020
Lectrosonics is announcing two new members of the company's D-SQUARED family of professional digital wireless products: The DPR, a plug-on transmitter with digital recording capabilities, and the DSQD/AES3, a variation of the DSQD receiver with AES3 digital outputs. The DPR brings legendary Lectrosonics wireless
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 04/03/2020
If you're transmitting video in a classroom, office, or house of worship and need to clear the wires out of your PTZ camera setup, Teradek has created the Orbit PTZ wireless transmitter and receiver system, which can not only send 4K video signals up to 1000' away wirelessly, the system also allows you to control the PTZ cameras wirelessly. There are two versions: the 3G-SDI/HDMI kit with 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, and the
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 04/02/2020
Monitoring your video production is always a challenge when you need multiple eyes on the shot to get it right, and there are a lot of eyes—between the Director, DP, AD, focus puller, producer, continuity, and plenty of other departments. Not every production can afford a video village setup or multiple wired setups, especially with low-budget or run-and-gun productions. When the shots are complex and the camera or cameras are far away or in motion, it becomes impossible to wire-in everyone. The latest and greatest solution, especially for
by Staff Writer ·Posted 05/09/2019
Attention all engineers and subjects in the world of high-profile live sound! Now at B&H, you can check out Audio-Technica’s versatile 5000 Series wireless audio components. With premium dual receivers, transmitters, and a variety of available microphones, the 5000 Series is well equipped to handle an array of scenarios, from celebrity speakers in a conference room to A-list performers on the big stage.
by Cory Rice ·Posted 05/01/2019
Upon first glance, the Profoto Connect Wireless Transmitter seems deceptively simple. When I was given a unit to test, it melded into the hot shoe of my Sony a7RII almost too seamlessly—a far cry from the unwanted bulk added by most remotes. The Connect is available for