Wireless Transmission Systems

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Hollyland is expanding its newly released Pyro H wireless video transmission system with an SDI-friendly variant, the Pyro S. The new version features the same 1300’ transmission distance, ultra-low latency, and compact design as the Pyro H, but adds SDI support for SDI ENG/EFP operators.
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For the B&H video team, nothing is more exciting than covering a trade show—it’s also the most challenging. Trade shows are action-packed environments and producing videos from the show floor requires lots of planning, preparation, and of course, the right gear. Here’s a breakdown of our current kit. Cameras and Lenses B&H is “The Professional’s Source,” so we make sure to use professional equipment that will deliver a broadcast-quality image. Our choice of camera for these mobile and demanding situations? The
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Event photographers, videographers, and ENG shooters will be pleased with Sony's newest product: the Portable Data Transmitter. The unit boasts high-speed, low-latency communication with cloud storage over LTE and 5G frequency bands. Sports photographers and run-and-gun teams can easily transfer files up to UHD 4K to their workstation for efficient editing workflow.
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Hollyland just unveiled its new Pyro H wireless video transmission system, a low-latency, HDMI-only solution with dual-band support that can stably transmit 4K30 video up to 1300'—depending on the number of receivers. Hollyland Pyro H Wireless Video Transmission System The Pyro H marks Hollyland’s first foray
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Teradek has been a trusted name in video transmission for years, and with the release of an upgraded Serv 4K transmitter and new Ace 750 transmission systems, the brand continues to prove why it is the best. Let’s break down the nitty gritty of these new releases so you can decide which product works best for your production workflow. Serv 4K: 2024 Edition Recently, Teradek released a new version of the Serv 4K transmitter. Like
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Designed for your conference room, lecture hall, or training space, the Shure MXW neXt 2 Wireless Microphone System delivers reliable wireless audio in a wide variety of spaces. The new system features a streamlined configuration for easy integration. Shure MXW neXt 2 Wireless Microphone System An all-in-one base unit combines the functionality of an access point transceiver, charger, and IntelliMix DSP into a single device for stand-alone or networked use. The automatic frequency management allows for set up right out of the box.
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As the holidays quickly approach, the pace of new product launches slows but it doesn’t stop. This week, we have a good lineup for video production to highlight. A couple of cine lens lineups are getting tweaked this week, with Tokina revealing a new character-filled version of its full-frame cinema primes, the Vista-P series, and Samyang/Rokinon adding a
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Expand the range of your wireless video transmission capabilities using Hollyland’s newest addition to its Mars transmission line, the Mars 400S PRO II. Incorporating the innovations from the previous 400S PRO, the PRO II system features the same familiar low-profile design and SDI/HDMI connections without sacrificing performance.
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Didn't get a chance to attend our Bild Expo 2023? No problem! Nick Brigadier takes you on a tour of the show floor for a look at the latest gear—some of which was announced the day of Bild. 0:00 - Introduction 0:40 - Cooke Lenses 1:06 - GoPro HERO12 Black 2:05 - Leica 2:47 - Sony a7C II & a7CR 3:42 - Angenieux 4:38 - DJI Osmo Action 4 5:30 - Hasselblad XCD 4/28P 5:53 - RØDE Wireless GO II 7:01 - Zoom R4 MultiTrak Recorder 7:47 - SmallRig 9:10 - DZOFIlm 10:02 - Tamron 10:58 - Nanlite 11:40 - Nanuk 12:33 - Thank You for Watching! In
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After a relatively quiet summer, this past week's busy release schedule is putting us back in action. RØDE announced an even more impressive mic system for creators: the Wireless PRO. This brings 32-bit float recording and other "pro" features, like timecode, to the series. Tamron continues to show off more and more glass and better compatibility with the development of a
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Another couple of weeks have passed and we have seen some new announcements of pro video and audio gear. Atomos has announced an update to its popular Ninja monitor lineup, including a major AtomOS 11 revision. DJI is finally adding a dedicated receiver unit to its Transmission system. Shure is
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Add advanced wireless video to your image capture using DJI’s latest cinema-grade video transmission components. This handy production tool’s latest options include an individual Wireless Video Receiver and a Transmission Standard TX/RX Combo kit that comes with one
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Need to add a second ultracompact clip-on microphone/transmitter to your RØDE Series IV wireless mic system? Then you’ll be delighted to know that your favorite Australian audio company is releasing two new transmitter options: the Wireless GO II TX and the Wireless ME TX, and both will work with the receivers from the Wireless ME
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Ever the innovator in the wireless video transmission world, Teradek has once again created a new series of transmission systems to facilitate your live event coverage. Deliver uncompressed UNII-5, 6 GHz wireless video with low latency using the Ranger Micro and
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We're taking a look and a listen to the Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless System.