Wireless Speakers

by Mos Khan ·Posted 01/18/2023
Apple has announced a new, supposedly improved, second-generation HomePod Smart Speaker. The announcement comes just a day after the reveal of the new MacBook and Mac mini, continuing Apple’s recent trend of rolling out revised products on the heels of its keynote. The revamped HomePod is the first update to the full-sized model
by John Foldi ·Posted 08/17/2022
After three years since its last release, Ultimate Ears is announcing the WONDERBOOM 3, the latest addition to the WONDERBOOM wireless speaker line, designed for use outdoors. Proudly showing improvements in nearly every aspect of the speaker, the WONDERBOOM 3 boasts a longer range of 131', improved battery life of up to 14 hours, and two convenience features targeted at those in the Google mobile ecosystem: Google
by Rich R ·Posted 03/02/2020
Denon expands on its line of whole-home wireless audio products with the new Home series of wireless bookshelf speakers, available in three different sizes in black or white to help accommodate nearly any décor. All three models feature Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream from nearly any wireless source, connect with other HEOS-enabled devices around your home, and even pair two of the same speakers together for a true stereo soundstage. They each also have 1/8", USB, and Ethernet connectivity, if you prefer
by Staff Writer ·Posted 08/13/2019
Coming soon to B&H, the Nest Hub Max is Google’s most recent virtual assistant-enabled display. Available in both chalk or charcoal, the Nest Hub Max takes the features of the original Nest Hub to new dimensions
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 02/15/2019
Apple makes good stuff. At least I think so. Enough that I have an iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iMac in my house and have recently been gifted an Apple TV to help finish out the set. The only thing missing was a HomePod, until a Black Friday sale made it too tempting to pass up. Ever since, I have come to love it as the core of my somewhat smart home. Plenty of people will make fair arguments as to why the HomePod isn’t worth it—and
by William Min ·Posted 03/20/2018
Since the original iPod, Apple has innovated the way we've listened to music. Now, with the Apple HomePod, you'll be able to do more than just blast your favorite tunes. The HomePod is a wireless speaker, a smart home hub, and a Siri-enabled intelligent assistant all rolled into one device. Measuring just less than 7 inches tall and weighing just 5.5 pounds, the HomePod features a compact design. However, don't let its small size fool you.
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 10/02/2017
For audiophiles on the go, the new Bose® Soundlink™ Micro Speaker delivers high-performance sound in a compact, travel-friendly design. This portable, mobile music machine utilizes Bluetooth technology to stream audio from compatible devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As its name implies, the SoundLink Micro is small: it measures in around 4" tall, 4" wide, and 1.5" deep. But despite its slight stature, the speaker still