Wireless Microphone Systems

by Alexandra Ibarra ·Posted 11/14/2023
Although capturing the perfect photo is an art, many photographers these days are curious about the world of video. If you're thinking about exploring videography and adding motion to your storytelling tool kit, this guide is for you. We'll help you shift from snapping still shots to creating engaging videos, using the skills you already have. Moving from photography to videography introduces a few key changes. First, unlike photography, which captures a single moment, videography is about the passage of time, showing change and progression.
0 Views ·Posted 10/16/2023
The RØDE Wireless PRO provides you with powerful and reliable performance. The system allows you to record two on-camera personalities to your camera, smartphone, or computer simultaneously. It also provides two clip-on transmitters with built-in microphones, 32-bit float back-up recording, timecode support, and two lavalier mics, along with a dual-channel receiver and a host of accessories to integrate with
0 Views ·Posted 09/27/2023
Now it’s even easier to capture audio interviews in the field, thanks to Sony’s new wireless audio options, which include its podcasting ECM-S1 Wireless Streaming Microphone System and the ECM-W3 Wireless Microphone 1-Person and
by Trevor Collins ·Posted 08/21/2023
Another day, another exciting new product announcement from RØDE. Designed to make mobile content creation easier than ever before, Wireless Pro is one of the most compact microphone systems ever, combining state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 40 hours of internal memory for an all-in-one recording system that will take your productions to a new plateau.
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 08/03/2023
We were excited when Deity unveiled the Theos Dual-Channel Digital UHF Wireless Microphone System last April at NAB, and now the company has announced that Theos will be shipping on September 15. Part of Deity’s Sidus ecosystem, this cutting-edge system is packed with features not commonly available to the average user of wireless audio and it is designed to make the audio recording process as seamless
by Robert Rives ·Posted 07/25/2023
Sound Devices is expanding its Astral line up of wireless microphone components with two new offerings aimed squarely at filmmakers, professional videographers, and serious content creators who demand outstanding sound quality and mission-critical reliability: the A20-Nexus Go Receiver and A20-TX transmitter. A20-Nexus Go Receiver If you’ve been considering stepping up to an A20-Nexus but don’t really need all its top-tier bells and whistles, the
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 06/30/2023
We have some interesting news to share with you in this week's roundup. Insta360 is releasing the GO 3 Action Cam and Hollyland is releasing a higher-end LARK MAX wireless mic system. Additionally, there a few smaller items to discuss, including new
0 Views ·Posted 06/28/2023
Anyone working on modern video shoots knows that getting good, clean audio during a shoot can be difficult. From ambient noise and grounding issues to audio that simply lacks depth and richness, there is plenty of room for improvement. That's why Hollyland has released the new wireless LARK MAX microphone system, designed to address many of these common problems and provide video and content producers with a versatile,