Wireless Intercom

by Eric Calvi ·Posted 03/31/2022
Hollyland introduces the Solidcom C1, the company’s first true-wireless, full-duplex digital intercom system with self-contained headsets for hands-free communication. With no beltpack required and no base station needed (for use with up to 6 headsets), this all-in-one system offers a highly portable solution for media-production crews or any team looking to remain in constant full-duplex voice contact without having to push buttons constantly. Multiple packages are available to accommodate varying team sizes, including the
0 Views ·Posted 09/19/2021
AB examines the Hollyland Solidcom M1, a full-duplex wireless intercom system that's ideal for small-to-mid-size production teams that need a robust communications solution for all their events. Check out the video to see all the great components and features, such as 1.9 GHz full-duplex transmission, 4 or 8 beltpacks, LEMO headsets, and more. Tell us what your production communication needs are and how the