Wireless Handheld Microphones

by Trevor Collins ·Posted 03/01/2023
As the available bandwidth in the wireless world becomes increasingly crowded, professionals need more and more flexible tools to meet their demands. Shure’s new GLX-D+ Dual-Band Digital Wireless System is well equipped for the task, expanding the original GLX-D system into the 5.8 GHz range.
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/04/2019
Sony has updated its popular UWP-D wireless microphone series with some exciting new features. The new-generation systems deliver uncompromising audio quality while still being easy to use and fast to set up, with no menu diving. They are made with simplicity in mind for DIY cameramen, videographers, vloggers, and journalists working in the field without a crew. The systems are packed with professional features, including NFC Sync and Auto-Gain functions, which handle time-consuming frequency setup and mic-level adjustments for you, so the
170 Views ·Posted 09/03/2019
Sony has updated its popular UWP-D wireless microphone series with some exciting new features. B&H's AB sat down with Andy Munitz, from Sony, for an in-depth discussion about the release. Geared toward DIY videographers, the UWP-D system offers superior sound quality, Multi Interface Shoe compatibility, a new NFC SYNC feature, and more. The Sony UWPD series has also been redesigned to be more
by jaime traba ·Posted 03/26/2018
The frequencies they are a-changing. If you followed the unfolding drama of the FCC Incentive Auction, in 2016 and 2017, this comes as no surprise to you. If "FCC Auction" doesn't hold special meaning to you yet, you need to prepare for some important news. Anyone currently using wireless systems that operate in the 600 MHz band should pay close attention to avoid breaking laws and proper functionality. It's quite possible, and even likely, that you'll have to trade in your current system. Many wireless mic systems operating in the 600 MHz
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 09/14/2017
With the release of the new RØDELink Performer Kit, RØDE completes its range of RØDELink digital wireless microphone systems, which include the popular Newsshooter and the Filmmaker Kits. Designed for vocal performances and presentations, the Performer kit combines a high-quality TX-M2 handheld condenser microphone transmitter and an RX-DESK desktop receiver. Both quickly pair straight out of the box, with no channel selection