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The world got a glimpse of a new RED V-RAPTOR camera, in 2022, when the initial V-RAPTOR RHINO 8K S35 model in gray was released. Now, B&H is pleased to announce additions to the lineup: the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 and XL 8K S35 DSMC3 cinema cameras. These
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Join Lisa Langell out in the field as she photographs wildlife and shares her photography tips for taking photos from a boat. She offers her advice about taking photographs of wildlife, camera settings, the proper camera gear, and more! Have you ever tried photographing birds in the wild? Tell us about your experience in the Comments section, below!
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In this B&H Event Space video, Australian wildlife photographer and Tamron Lens Ambassador Shannon Wild talks about her life as a photographer of wild animals. Topics she discusses include the basics of shooting stills and video with DSLRs, how to best choose and use your camera gear, how to approach animals, travel tips, and other important aspects of travel and animal photography, in locations as diverse as Antarctica, Africa, and other remote and exotic locales. In this B&H Event Space video, Australian wildlife photographer and
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In the following video, Allan Weitz gives us a quick look at Canon's longest and perhaps most mythological lens ever produced: the EF 1200mm f/5.6L USM. In the video, Weitz presents a quick rundown of some of the highlights of the lens, including its substantial size, weight, and mechanisms used to simply to operate it, along with the lens’s ability to render subjects sharply that are miles away. We hope you enjoy the video, and