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by Steven Wong ·Posted 01/12/2021
Even with the tremendous speed Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) has to offer, traditional wireless network connections can often encounter heavy congestion over the 2.4 GHz  and 5 GHz frequency bands, which can interfere with reliability. However, the ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000, the first Wi-Fi 6E tri-band gaming router from ASUS, allows you to bypass the noise by taking advantage of the relatively unused 6 GHz signal, which adds seven high-speed 160 MHz
by Steven Wong ·Posted 01/12/2021
Get ready for the next phase of Wi-Fi technologies, with Wi-Fi 6E. ASUS and TP-Link are among the first to announce Wi-Fi 6E-compatible routers to help cut through congested areas for reliable and fast signals. Where traditional Wi-Fi 6 routers make use of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, both of which are incredibly crowded with a multitude of wireless devices, 6E adds the recently FCC-approved 6 GHz signal band with fourteen 80 MHz channels or seven 160 MHz channels for compatible devices. This relatively unused airspace grants more room
by Richard Stevens ·Posted 01/06/2021
If you have shopped for a router in the past couple of years, which isn’t always fun, odds are you’ve seen “mesh networks” or “Wi-Fi systems” for sale at your favorite retailer. These systems consist of multiple access points that act as one to blanket your entire home with Internet connectivity, with the goal of eliminating the dead spots that commonly plague single-router systems. While the concept of mesh networking is not new, its presence in the consumer space has just gotten its sea legs, creating yet another option for customers to
by John Foldi ·Posted 12/09/2020
Would you drive a Lamborghini to take the kids to soccer practice? Even if money was no object, the answer is likely no. While fast enough to get the job done, good luck fitting everyone and everything inside. An extreme example, but the same idea holds true for many things, such as your home network. A good home network needs more than just raw speed. It also needs to provide features that make it the right fit for you and your family. Is Wi-Fi 6 worth the upgrade? That depends entirely on how you use your network today, or how you may use it
by Steven Wong ·Posted 09/03/2020
Aruba is expanding its line of Instant On line into the next generation of wireless networking with the launch the AP22, its first Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) dual-channel access point, designed to provide offices, schools, retail stores, and small businesses with the bandwidth and performance needed to support the growing number of mobile devices in use. With a maximum aggregate data rate of 1.7 Gb/s over the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, which
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 10/12/2022
Now, more than ever, a reliable Internet connection is critically important. For the millions of people working from home, the ability to do their job literally depends on it. The same is true for remote learners, virtual socializers, gamers, or anyone who wants to stream a Netflix series or two. Without a good Internet connection, those things aren’t possible—which is why you need a good wireless router.
by Staff Writer ·Posted 07/01/2019
It’s no secret that large corporations require complex enterprise networking solutions, but what if you’re just a small business owner? Do you really need a dedicated server room and complicated network devices? Fortunately, Aruba makes it easy to get simple yet secure Wi-Fi with its new Instant On series. The Aruba Instant On series features a wide selection of indoor and outdoor access points that address the current and future needs of small businesses. With easy installation
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted 10/11/2018
Following the announcement of Wi-Fi 6 and the 802.11ax standard, ASUS has released the RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual-Band Gigabit Router, a future-ready solution for your networking needs. 802.11ax, or otherwise known as Wi-Fi 6, is designed to deliver increased performance across the board, from data rates to power efficiency. The 802.11ax
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted 10/10/2018
The Wi-Fi Alliance has recently introduced the next generation of Wi-Fi connectivity, known as Wi-Fi 6, based on 802.11ax technology, along with a new naming convention. Most consumers are familiar with the 802.11 standards; however, this new sequential number rebranding is intended to simplify things in the long run. Previously, the naming design used the alphabet, starting with a to b to g and n, with each one representing the next generation. We'd expect z to be the last or fastest one, or until they have new names, but suddenly we're on
by Cris Silvestri ·Posted 08/23/2018
We’ve gotten to a point in our history where solid, stable Internet connections are not only demanded, but expected. If you think that’s not true, try turning your phone off or unplugging your computer or laptop for a couple of days. As we’ve become more reliant on the Internet, we’ve become far more selective about our home networking systems. When B&H first began exploring Whole Home Systems (also referred to as mesh networking
by Stephen Janiszak ·Posted 05/29/2018
Reset your router, update the firmware—I'm sure you've heard it all. Most of the time that advice goes ignored and, thus, many routers are left open to malicious malware attacks, brute force attacks, and a whole host of different types of network intrusions. It's time to wise up to the those wishing to do harm to your network. The FBI is advising everyone with a network device in their home or small office to reset those devices ASAP. A report from the FBI has been issued to address a malware threat codenamed "VPNFilter" that is circulating
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 12/04/2017
Nikon is making wireless connectivity with its cameras easier and more functional with the release of SnapBridge Version 2.0, now available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Taking user feedback from the first iteration of SnapBridge, Nikon has made many asked-for improvements to the app, beginning with a user interface and menu structure overhaul, as well as clearer instructions on how to connect your mobile device to a Nikon camera for the first time. For the Nikon fanatic, SnapBridge now lets you register up to five separate cameras with
by Cris Silvestri ·Posted 11/14/2017
Thanksgiving Day is one of the most venerated holidays in America, traditionally filled with food, fun and family, and that usually brings on a series of challenges. Along with deciding whether you’re going with an all-vegan, no-carb, soy-side-dish menu, you also worry about where you’re going to sleep 12 people in a house or apartment that comfortably fosters two people, or even more serious—when are they all leaving. In addition to worrying about a dozen people sharing one bathroom, or if your local grocery store has the brand of canned
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted 10/26/2017
Recently, a new wireless vulnerability known as KRACK has been the talk of the town, and its affects are far-reaching. Without getting too technical, KRACK (Key Reinstallation AttaCK) allows attackers to access data stored on the devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi network, which means everything with Wi-Fi connectivity is potentially vulnerable. Yes, that includes your smartphone, TV, gaming console, Echo, toaster, doorknob, and so on. (Jokes aside, this is a serious issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly.) If your network is using the
by Richard L. Stevens ·Posted 12/20/2018
Dad, can we get a dog?” and “Rich, what’s your Wi-Fi password?” are questions I always pretend I didn’t hear when first asked. I’ve gotten good at changing the topic or pretending to be deep in thought when presented with a question I have no intention of answering. I even have a go-to “deep in thought” expression; staring at the ceiling, hand under chin, one eyebrow raised—it’s awfully convincing. Unfortunately, my family and friends are on to me. I think the eyebrow was too much. I’ve never been comfortable sharing my Wi-Fi password. I once