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Jabari Holder tests the Matterport MC300 Pro3, a camera that allows for immersive 3D tours of commercial and residential spaces. This 3D camera is perfect for real estate photographers since you can create 360 virtual walkthroughs and floor plans using Matterport's software. 0:00 - Introduction 0:59 - How It Works and Specs 4:09 - Final Thoughts Click to see the results from Holder's test run.
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Jabari Holder discusses the professional use cases for the Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360. Watch and learn about its amazing specs, such as the 21 megapixel 1" sensor, 6K video, improved low-light performance, and other great features. 0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Specs and Features 2:30 - Professional Uses 5:24 - Final Thoughts Click to read more about the Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360.
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 09/08/2022
Get ready to shoot even more vivid, higher-resolution action video with the new X3 pocket 360 camera and multiple companion accessories from Insta360. The X3 retains up to 5.7K30 resolution capture, super-smooth FlowState stabilization, rugged housing that is waterproof to 33', 360° horizon lock function, and 360° audio with four integrated microphones from its predecessor, the
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 08/30/2022
Take your 3D modeling capabilities to new frontiers with the new and improved Matterport MC300 Pro3 3D Digital Camera and Acceleration Bundle, which equips you with the Pro3 and additional accessories for mounting the camera. With greater scanning range and faster speed, the Pro3 allows for more detail in your indoor and outdoor 3D models,
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Kandao is bringing 3D capabilities to the masses with its QooCam EGO, the world's first instant 3D camera! Perfect for selfies, vlogs, and lifestyle videos, this camera allows you to capture, view, edit, and share 3D photos and video. Are you a vlogger? Is the QooCam EGO a piece of gear you would try? Tell us why or why not, below.
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 07/12/2022
Kandao has announced the QooCam EGO, the world’s first and only headset-free 3D camera. Offering image quality that surpasses most top-tier 360-degree cameras, the QooCam EGO is an excellent option for users who desire to capture and share ultra-realistic 3D images and video. 
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 06/28/2022
You asked and Insta360 delivered: announcing the ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition Camera, equipped with dual 1" CMOS sensors for 6K 360° video. With this upgraded camera comes a slew of new accessories to deck it out—a GPS Smart Remote,
by Jabari Holder ·Posted 06/09/2022
We've all seen them, but how can you create one? As you shop for your first or next home, research a new vacation location, or (like me) cruise around Street View, you might stop and wonder: “How are these 3D tours made?” The answer is less complex than one might think, thanks to Matterport, and its line of 3D modeling solutions.   From allowing the use of smartphones and third-party VR cameras for scanning to streamlining the acquisition process with its online platform and companion application to offering a reliable, field proof, 3D
by Sofia Belhouari ·Posted 11/22/2021
The Insta360 ONE X2 recently turned one year old and, to celebrate, we took the reigning best 360 camera on a six-day sojourn through Morocco and Paris. While there, we put the ONE X2 through its paces to see whether the multi-cam was still the best in its class. Spoiler Alert: Yep, still is. Insta360 ONE X2 The Insta360 ONE X2 is a worthy successor
by Staff Writer ·Posted 05/15/2019
The B&H Pro Video department is excited to announce the Live Planet end-to-end 360 VR system, the all-in-one VR camera system with livestreaming capability. Setting up the system takes less than 15 minutes, and it records to a single microSD card. There is no post stitching software required since the camera stitches together one 4K video image from its 16 sensors in real time, with HDR selectable. Your footage can be in either 180
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 06/18/2018
The Ricoh THETA V can do many things: produce hi-res 360-degree images, shoot spherical 4K video, and capture immersive VR-compatible sound. These aren't hidden abilities—they're listed prominently at the top of the THETA V's product page. But what isn't mentioned—at least, not directly—is what I feel is the THETA V's strongest selling point: It's fun. We took the THETA V out to Central Park for a test run and had an absolute blast playing with
by M. Brett Smith & Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 03/27/2018
Like virtual and augmented reality, the adoption of spherical (or “360-degree”) video into the mainstream has been a mixed bag. On one hand, the technology has evolved rapidly and in a manner that mostly benefits consumers—e.g., it’s become more accessible, generally easier to use, and costs less than initial offerings; on the other hand, what to do with all that promising tech remains somewhat more vague. Enter the Fusion, GoPro’s latest foray into
by Ronald Francis ·Posted 03/16/2018
Manfrotto has announced five new 360 VR camera support products: a VR Selfie-Stick for the consumer enthusiast and four products for pro users. As with many of its previous VR supports, the goal is to provide stability for varying payloads in as compact a form as possible, to circumvent the challenges of shooting in 360. VR Selfie-Stick
by Ronald Francis ·Posted 03/13/2018
Among its four-camera lineup, Z CAM offers just about every solution for professional 360 VR capture, including 360 VR 6K recording and streaming, cinematic 8K 360, and stereoscopic 3D 360, and the professional world is on board. Z CAM V1 Pro was used to shoot Elton John’s farewell tour in stereoscopic 360. The V1 Pro is also the camera on which the award-winning short film, Dinner Party, was shot. The New York Times journalistic VR film, The Land of Salt and Fire, filmed in the hottest place on earth—Danakil, Ethiopia—was shot on the Z CAM S1
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 03/07/2018
We at B&H Photo Video are pleased to announce the new Z CAM K1 PRO—a Google VR180-certified, dual-lens video and still camera available exclusively at B&H. Capture immersive 180˚ views of your experiences, then view them as you prefer in either 2D, or in 3D using a VR headset. The stereoscopic K1 PRO employs dual Sony EXMOR 4/3" Thirds CMOS sensors for image recording, and offers robust post-stitching output rates of 6K at 30 fps,