Vlogging Accessories

by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 11/30/2022
It's holiday season, and if you're reading this on any kind of electronic device (shout out to everyone who still subs my handwritten newsletter, btw), you likely know someone who either is or is interested in becoming a vlogger or mobile content creator. If said creator or aspiring vlogger is on your holiday shopping list and you're not quite sure what to get them, fear not, for we have put together a gift guide of some of our favorite mobile photo and video accessories. SmallRig 1.55X Anamorphic Lens Thanks to the continued advancement of
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 11/01/2022
As many of us are increasingly equipped with powerful smartphone cameras, the realm of vlogging and capturing creative content has never been more accessible. Rigs, attachable lenses, lighting, and mics are just a few of the many mods available today to enhance the potential of that tiny machine in your pocket. Even if you aren’t looking to start vlogging, accessorizing is a great way to elevate the media you share with others and encourages a more creative relationship between you and your phone. Here are a few nifty smartphone accessories to
0 Views ·Posted 06/01/2022
If you’ve ever struggled to get quality audio for your podcast, then Focusrite has your solution, with the Vocaster USB Type-C audio interface and mixer. The Vocaster makes it a breeze to produce professional-quality audio with its Auto Gain, Enhance, and Easy Start tool, which provides stellar audio at the click of a button. The Vocaster is available in four configurations: Vocaster One,
by Robert Rives ·Posted 04/06/2022
Once again, Sony has updated its popular 4th generation UWP-D wireless microphone series, this time with the announcement of its new URX-P41D dual-channel receiver. Not only is this new receiver substantially smaller, lighter, and more rugged than Sony's previous URX-P03D two-channel model, it also takes full advantage of Sony's SMAD-5 MI shoe adapter, which provides a digital-to-digital connection for select Sony cameras equipped with a digital Multi Interface Shoe (MI shoe) for superior, fully digital audio quality.
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 09/30/2021
It wasn’t too long ago that a purpose-built camera specifically for vlogging would have been a surprising decision. Skip to 2021, where vlogging is a major demographic to attract in the camera market, and in which Sony designed the ZV-E10 to appeal specifically to this type of content creator. But what makes a camera a “vlogging-specific camera?” What did Sony do to address the unique imaging needs of a vlogger? And what other tools are
by Cory Rice ·Posted 09/01/2021
JOBY has announced four new accessories perfect for a wide range of video uses, from on-the-go vlogging to business conference calls. First, the GripTight Mount and Wall Mount simplify smartphone recording with MagSafe-compatible devices. Next, the