Video Tripods & Accessories

by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 04/18/2023
SmallRig has released some exciting new products for the camera-accessory-connoisseur: the FreeBlazer Tripod System and F60 Modular Follow Focus. The FreeBlazer is now SmallRig's heaviest duty tripod system, boasting a durable carbon fiber tripod and a fluid video head to match. The F60 and its corresponding accessories allow you to attach a precise follow focus system
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 09/01/2022
Well-known for its durable camera supports, accessories, and pro video parts, SHAPE has enhanced its product line further with a new line of professional tripod systems. The three new systems provide support for different rig sizes and include the SVT10K 3-stage aluminum tripod with 75mm fluid head that supports up to 22 lb;, the
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 01/19/2022
It’s always a happy new year when Sachtler releases tripod system packages, fluid heads, and an adapter to support all the new cameras and accessories released into the world last year. Five new 100mm fluid heads in the aktiv and FSB lines provide smooth movement and support camera setups―from small mobile rigs to large cinema rigs―and 13 system packages provide spreader, fluid head, load capacity, and tripod model options.   The new
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 12/23/2021
The photographic industry is home to many storied brands whose very names bring up images of famous photographs, beautiful lenses, high- and classic low-tech cameras, and sometimes the feel of having touched a product from one of those companies. When it comes to tripods, Gitzo represents the best of the best in the world of camera supports. With more than a century of experience making photographic equipment, the company has been making
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 09/01/2021
For those looking for an updated fluid head and tripod system, Sachtler has just announced new tripod heads, systems, and aktiv accessories. The new FSB 4, FSB 6 Mark II, and FSB 8 Mark II fluid heads and tripod systems help you create smooth moves using a range of camera rig sizes and weights. The new heads include the FSB 6 Mark II and FSB 8 Mark II fluid heads with 17.6 and 26.5 lb weight capacities,
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 07/20/2021
Lighter and faster, the Moza Slypod Pro motorized monopod is even easier to carry around than its predecessors, allowing you to create smooth gliding camera moves up to 20" long without needing a dolly or slider. It is available initially as a Master Kit, which includes a mini-tripod and manual pan/tilt head that together allow you to
by Ronald Francis ·Posted 11/24/2020
Affordable alternatives to professional video gear include inexpensive substitutes, as well as versatile products like gimbals and monopods. Read on for a look at some of the affordable products we suggest that will prove invaluable in your video production. No matter how low-budget your production, a motorized gimbal is highly recommended, because gimbals are too good not to use. With a gimbal, even a beginner can achieve smooth, cinematic,
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 11/06/2020
The Sachtler aktiv SpeedLevel tripod system with SpeedSwap Stud is a quick release method for mounting your tripod head on legs. However, there is so much more that the aktiv system brings to working with tripods and fluid heads, that the word “jaw-dropping” may not be enough to cover it. Fast, simple to use, and smart, the Sachtler aktiv system is not just a new mounting system for a tripod head and legs, it also has a separate mounting base for working with sliders or getting lock-off shots. The aktiv system expands the capabilities of
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 10/23/2020
Manfrotto has added to its new handheld gimbal stabilizer line by announcing the MVG460 Gimbal 460 Kit for small camcorders, mirrorless, or DSLR cameras. The 460 gimbal model is designed to produce smooth-motion shots for a variety of productions, such as vlogging, run-and-gun productions, and ENG production. The Gimbal 460 Kit sets itself apart from other gimbal models by supporting a large camera load up to 10.14 lb, having a battery life of
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 10/13/2020
Always looking for ways to innovate and improve its products, Sachtler's new aktiv tripod systems incorporate innovations that will bring actual time saving to your production, and make working with your fluid head easier, less painful, and provide more flexibility to working with your gear. The system features new and different hardware for mounting a ball level fluid head on a set of tripod legs or other support platform. Sachtler refers to this new technology as SpeedLevel, and it is built into the new SpeedSwap base integrated into these
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 07/23/2020
Continuing its aim to innovate in the camera support market, Manfrotto has announced its new line of 3-axis handheld motorized gimbal stabilizers and accessories for mirrorless or DSLR cameras to produce smooth-motion shots for a variety of productions such as vlogging, run-and-gun productions, and ENG. The new kits include the Gimbal 220 Kit, the
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 06/15/2020
Here at B&H Photo, we are happy to share with you the announcement of the 504x fluid head and tripod kits, from Manfrotto. The 504x, which is a replacement for the venerable 504HD, makes its debut, bringing with it a host of improvements while keeping the bridging design that has proven itself in the field. One immediately noticeable update is that the 504x comes with a flat base, allowing for lower shots when working on sliders and jibs, as well as for mounting directly on flat
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 05/19/2020
Looking for a ready-to-go heavy-duty video head with carbon fiber legs? Throw in Manfrotto’s 2-in-1 spreader and a tripod bag, and you’ve got Manfrotto’s 509HD Tripod System with Carbon Fiber Twin Fast Legs and 2-in-1 Spreader. The 509HD head is robust and capable of supporting up to 29 pounds, while providing the same smooth movement and fine-tuning adjustments you’ve come to expect from Manfrotto’s fluid heads. Four steps
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 04/03/2020
Grab one of Cartoni’s Red Lock systems and go! The lightweight yet robust Focus 8, Focus 10, and Focus 12 systems are perfect for run-and-gun video capture. Each system features the aluminum
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 01/14/2020
The Manfrotto Nitrotech 612 Head supports cameras and rigs weighing from 8.8 to 26.4 pounds and replaces Manfrotto’s N12, while the 608 supports cameras and rig weighing from 0 to 17.6 pounds and